My 2019: Achievements and Failures -a yearlong trip of ups and downs

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My 2019: Achievements and Failures -a yearlong trip of ups and downs

Hi Steemian, how are you? Hopefully always healthy and creative work.
2019 is almost over. We know what we have planned when we enter 2019. We have also tried to carry out the initial plan. Some succeed or some fail or have not yet been carried out. All that becomes romance in our lives. All that can be stories and reflections for all of us to tread the year 2020 which will soon arrive.
To fill later this year there is a contest sponsored by @blocktrades. I found out from the post @anomadsoul. If you want to find out more information you can read the following post.
CONTEST! My 2019: Achievements and Failures | 200 STEEM in Prizes
2019 is the year I run a business learning course for students. Apart from that I also raise 15 goats. In the world of Steem I enter the second year. All I run with all my heart.
During this year I feel a lot has been done and of course there are successes and there are also sides that have not been achieved or even failed.


A hard decision after success in business

When I first started raising goats, I only bought 4 young goats. I keep the goats in a cage in the form of a stage This way the goat is healthier. Every day I look for grass and other leaf feed such as lamtoro, sengon, papaya leaves and even banana leaves.
In addition to green food to meet the needs of vitamin A contained in vitamin A, I also gave n goats with bran and cassava roughly chopped that was dissolved with water and given additional salt. This is useful to meet the needs of carbohydrates and minerals. If you see the goat looks lack of appetite, I will give you the B vitamin that I mix in the drink. Every Sunday we release goats from the cage and can run around in the yard so we can while exercising.
Thanks to the care that I have done with lambs. How happy when the goat child was born safely and healthily. THe birth of goat certainly makes us happy.
But I also have a sad experience because I failed to help the birth of a goat child. I remember that time the goat was already pregnant and was approaching birth. Suddenly I saw that his stomach was flat. I suspect a goat is born and then falls under the cage. Apparently not. The mother goat still looks weak even though there is amniotic fluid coming out. Finally, at 9 pm I get oxytocin to stimulate the uterine contractions of the goat. To get oxytocin is also not easy. I searched the pharmacy and the clinic was unsuccessful until finally I had to go to the hospital. When I was at home, I didn't get oxytocin right away. The officer suspected that I was about to have an abortion. After I explained that oxytocin that I bought to help goats that had difficulty giving birth. Finally, I injected with oxytocin and I waited until 1 am still showed no reaction. Finally I slept. In the morning at 5 I saw the goat still not giving birth. This means that there is a possibility that the fetus in the body of the mother goat is dead. I made the decision to slaughter the goat mother goat. Immediately I sharpened the knife to keep the worst possible. than the mother goat died it would be better to be slaughtered. But before that happened my wife suggested that she reach into the fetus in the stomach of the goat. I have never done it but because it is pity to see the mother goat I ventured. After smearing my arms with oil, I put my hand in my vagina and tried to find the head of the kid. After I found it, I immediately put the head of the goat out. Apparently there are two fetuses. Unfortunately the child is dead.
I still feel lucky because the mother goat can be saved and a few months later I was pregnant again and gave birth to a healthy goat.
I am very happy with the goats so happy that sometimes I can linger in a goat pen. Many people say that I am suitable in the business of goat livestock. However, the success of raising goats must be faced with the fact that quite a lot of my time and attention were taken. I still have to divide my time and focus with the institutions of study courses that we run.
Learning courses also require extra attention. I have to pay attention to students' achievements in learning. parents expect that what they pay can be in accordance with children's learning achievements. I really understand that. That's why we finally have to decide to sell all of the goats so we can focus more on tutoring. There was so much sadness that even my wife cried when she saw the goat being loaded on the truck. We feel so dear to them. But everything really is a choice that must be taken.
Now we focus on managing tutoring institutions. with more than 100 students we must be able to realize the expectations of our children and parents who have paid us.
In learning we also experience ups and downs. When kids get good grades we get excited. Especially then parents are satisfied with our service. That's all we maintain. we want to give you wholehearted service.


Achievement in Steem

Meanwhile I at Steem are also still struggling to reach my dreams. I have not been able to gain economic benefits at this time like other STeemian. but I am sure that I will be able to succeed in the future. I know it's not easy to stay on STeem. But my spirit must not be saggy. I see so many Steemian who inspired my activities at STeem. I know there are @xpilar who always produce works of art and provide support to other steemians. He also became a major sponsor of SPUD which was initiated by @streetstyle. He also helped many steemians to realize their dreams so as to create teams in Aceh, Nigeria and Norway. Likewise with @sultan-aceh who was able to build a new house with the results of working at STeem. This certainly makes me challenged to remain consistent at STeem. Another steemian that is not inspiring is @cryptopie, which is able to survive with all its limitations can be consistent at Steem. Seeing things like this I am sure one day will be able to achieve my dreams.
If it's another Steemian, why can't I? I can do it, that's my principle.
At this time I also decided to choose @blocktrades, @good-karma, and @ocd-witness as selected witnesses. I hope that they can work better and all can get benefits both economically or otherwise.
This is all of my writing this time for a variety of achievements and failures that we experienced in 2019.
Hopefully useful and can inspire us all.
Thank you @anomadsoul
Thank you @blocktrades, @ocd, @ocdb @oc-witness fo the chance to participate in this great contest.

Thank you for reading my post. I hope you enjoy it


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Best of luck new year

We wish all the best. Thank you for stoppung by and support

have a nice year ahead

Thank you @paragism. We hope all Steemian will reach success next year

I wonder why talk about failing/failures... Life is not about failures but about developing ourselves. Happy 2020

I agree with you, @wakeupkitty
I feel when telling the things that happened in 2019 is not intended to make failure as the main goal. Maybe it's more appropriate to commemorate the joys and sorrows of the trip in 2019. Our hopes that can be a foothold to move on in 2020. As a reflection and contemplation so we can learn from experience. we know experience is the best teacher in our lives.

@rokhani I think it is a better we to look back on thr year.An.overview of all the things done, achieved,great opportunities and what we learned to set or achieve the goals. Happy days. 💕

Totally right and I am with you, @wakeupkitty


Thank you

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