A New Blockchain Forming

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The situation between the Steem Community and Tron is still unresolved. There appears to be a lot of behind the scenes maneuvering in an effort to get an upper hand. By this, I mean some off market trading.

Either way, we are at a stand off for the moment.

In the meantime, discussions are taking place all over the Steem ecosystem and Discord about the best way to handle this. One of the main topics is forking. It seems there is a growing number of individuals, myself included, who feel at least additional chain will come out of all this.


Yesterday, we received an announcement of another chain forming. What is interesting is the fact this is not a fork.

@theoretical was one of the blockchain developers who helped to design Steem. He with with Steemit Inc until December 2018.

The view expressed in the post is an interesting one. Instead of blaming any one side, the focus was on the failing of the software. Steem is an experiment that provided valuable insight into the working of human nature. The best software, according to the post, is that which anticipates human behavior and accounts for that.

Humans have emotions that are very predictable. Greed, envy, and sloth are common. It can be expected that they will arise and should be factored in.

Here is what Theoretical had to say:

I've decided to learn from the successes and failures, strengths and weaknesses. The hardest part of being a blockchain designer is predicting how users will behave. A well-designed blockchain can harness all the parts of human nature, all the user interactions, all the darkness and the light. To build a machine that can change the world.

From 2016 to today, I and the whole Steem community have been gaining hard-won experience about how users on a social media blockchain will behave.

Steem started as an experiment. Overall, it was pretty successful. What should we do with our experience?

Let's create another experiment.

Let's build a brand-new blockchain.


This is an interesting idea and certainly there are a lot of lessons from Steem. Is it possible to build a chain where the software accounts for all that humans are likely to do? I have no idea but it sounds like this will give it a shot.

But why not fork?

This was addressed in the comment section.


To me, this is wonderful news. The entire crypto industry is about development at this point. We are learning lessons and, hopefully, applying them. I welcome a brand new chain that looks to implement some newer ideas.

That said, I still believe there will be someone (or some group) that forks the Steem blockchain. In the end, I can see numerous chains resulting. How they look, what they focus upon, and who uses them all remains to be seen. We are still in the very early days of development. We are going to see many innovations over the next few years.

In the end, I believe, users are going to benefit. We are going to see many options where content creators can post. At the same time, reward systems are only growing. This will only benefit humanity. As more tokens are issued, it is likely that more people get interested. This kicks off the loop of value being driven by more people which drives more value aka the "network effect".

I suggest everyone give the @theoretical account a follow to stay up to date.

Again, this is not an announcement of a fork of Steem. It is a new idea that appears to being going into development.

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Awesome development that would be. But why thinking of a new chain when steem-engine is still operational? I see steem-engine tokens thriving and scaling is steem-engine is upgraded to a standalone chain.

Besides, why should just a single person become a catalyst to split steem?

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Our value lies in our community. Forking will only dilute us.

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Back in the early 90's before Google there were a ton of search engines. One programming assignment of mine was to create a site that one could come to and with one submission have their site entered into countless search engines with one click. My guess is that we will see dApps which do the same thing with posts across the fragmented communities. If you support decentralization then be aware of what you are wishing for... more decentralization will mean more forks.

We should try to be the community that will excel all the other, and not the community that will be diluted in all the others.

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My vision of true decentralization is to create the community of ones own reaching across all platforms and not beholding to any of them.

In the end, forks with passionate people end up growing because the core group of each starts to reach out.

Over the long term, this is a very good thing.

And there is nothing that says, as a user, you cannot use both (or three or four) chains.

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A new blockchain being built doesn't seem like a good thing for steem.

Sometimes it's better to have divorce than to be in disfunctional marriage.

But we should first do whatever we can and try not to divorce because it is always hurtful and undesirable.

...divorce because it is always hurtful and undesirable.

Not when one of the parties is an abusive spouse.

This is definitely interesting. I will give this guy a follow. Thank you for all the news that you bring. You are one of the outstanding bloggers on here, in my opinion. I don't know how you do it, managing to find this kind of info but it's much appreciated :>)

Thank you for the compliment and I am glad I can be helpful.

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Forking will only create multiple chain with less value than the sum of thos chains together, unless one really stands out. But I doubt that

Evidence suggests just the opposite.

Multiple chains actually increases value as people get behind the projects they feel more passionate about.

@blocktrades wrote an excellent article about that a few weeks ago.

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You do realize this would make steem worthless if successful right?

Why would it make STEEM worthless?

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It's a separate blockchain in the same way that bitcoin is separate from steem. If it does what steem was supposed to do, only better, value leaves steem and goes to the better blockchain.

Wouldnt mind of a new platform just in case it doesn’t work out here. Who knows it might be a better platform.

A new Blockchain is a bad idea!

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a new blockchain is not the solution,unity on the steem blockchain is the solution..the steem blockchain is not the problem,the players on the blockchain is the problem.....@taskmaster4450

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