Harmony, The new solution to scalability problems in the blockchain.


Harmony is a blockchain capable of scaling decentralization to a new level through its developed technologies to optimize and demonstrate that security and linear scalability is possible through its fragmentation technology.

Harmony is a blockchain that is based on a solid fragmentation infrastructure and beacon chain, which provides advances with great significance for overcoming challenges encountered in the blockchain.

  • Projects can achieve many benefits by using Harmony as their underlying infrastructure.

Harmony has a fragmented PoS system that provides the best compensation for the best speed and fair consensus, making it clear that although this project is in a course of changing technological standards and models, it becomes a giant in the market.

Through the construction of fragmentation development and accompanied by the beacon chain in charge of maintaining security against malicious people who wanted to destroy sustainability Harmoni and the associated company, development and balance will be maintained in a balanced ecosystem between security and scalability.

Harmony will meet the many needs of companies associated with its efficient fragmentation infrastructure model will make the system more secure and efficient.

  • Harmony is an efficient blockchain with fragmentation resources capable of scaling linearly.

Harmony lends its optimized service capable of scaling linearly thanks to its efficient fragmentation technology, allowing transactions to be generated per second, with a capacity to scale more easily through the use of the technological means.

For better security and processing power, Harmony has a beacon chain that performs an identity record for more usage information and does not allow misuse, on the other hand it has several layers of security completely fragmented in the launch of its Mainnet It was the owner of 600 nodes, becoming one of the decentralized and most important networks in the blockchain, but that does not remain there since the goal is to reach 4 fragments of 400 nodes each, in order to achieve a process more scalable

  • Harmony offers better security with the fragmentation system improving efficiency.

· Fragmentation: Division of fragments

The handling of the fragmentation used by Harmony comes from the Zilliqa network, this industry learned to fragment through practice with academic documents, the fragmentation avoided the storage bottleneck in the protocol used by the academy and that way they were avoided the future corruptions, since they were smaller fragments.

From this great practice and development of solid fragmentation structure Harmony offers the blockchain the security and linear scaling, surpassing the current challenges and providing an improvement and solution to the current problems by applying new innovations such as 10x at the layer level instead of finding improvements of 10%.

  • In conclusion:

Harmony can solve many of the projects already established and in great demand such as Ethereum and its new scalability problems due to the large amount of network use and without an adequate system, this great company can make processes more agile with the fragmentation method and more secure with its beacon chain technology thus being much more linearly scalable.

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