Blockchain Gaming for Cryptocurrency Onboarding

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We have a great opportunity with EOS and Steem to onboard people to the cryptocurrency future through gaming. The thing is, we can't just post about it here on a blockchain and expect non-cryptocurrency people to see it. We have to post where they are or tell them about it in person.

Here's a Twitter thread I put together this morning as an example:


Maybe you’ve been thinking about getting into blockchain/cryptocurrency stuff, but you want to see it actually DO something fun (not just show up as fluctuating, speculative numbers of value on a screen).📈📉 Here’s my suggestion:

First off, remember this is new emerging technology, so set your expectations accordingly. Some things will be clunky, buggy, confusing, 🙇‍♂️⁉️🆘, etc. We all need your input to continue improving things! Us tech geeks are too close to it all and need outside consumer feedback.

Let’s start with a game. For this you’ll need an #EOS account which you can purchase via the EOSLynx app. Yes, I know, it sucks to pay for anything, but put this in your education budget. Think of it like buying a digital identity or a golden ticket for the future 🎫.

The game I have in mind is a little difficult to play on mobile (though you can), so let’s go ahead and install Scatter on your desktop computer. This is like installing a web browser so you can browse the web. Definitely worth the effort.💎🌎

Hopefully you already use a password manager. If not, your entire online presence is at risk. Please, PLEASE, 🙏, install 1Password or something similar. Get it on your mobile as well and use it for everything. Seriously, this is the number one security tip I can give you.

In your Lynx app, touch the “...” next to your account name to copy your private key. Save it securely in your password manager and make sure you have a backup of your encrypted password manager stuff. Now open Scatter and import your private key. 🙌 You’re doing great so far!

Now sign up at (yes, that’s a referral link because tweeting all this useful information is hard work for my fingers, and they want to get paid). It’s a fun resource game where you can mine cryptocurrency gold 💰 and everything is done on a blockchain.

You may think that was a lot of effort for little payoff, but in truth, you now have an EOS blockchain account with secured private key in a password manager 🔐, a mobile wallet, a desktop wallet, and a game to get familiar with blockchain technology. This is the future!

If Prospectors isn’t your cup of tea or you want a blockchain account with more social 🗣 tools built in, let’s get you hooked up with @SteemMonsters on the @SteemNetwork. You can sign up here:

A starter pack is $10, but it’s worth it! My kids love it. 💖 The account gives you access to hundreds of Steem apps as well as a blockchain blogging account you can use at , , , , etc

Blockchain technology will most likely influence every aspect of society within your lifetime. Don’t be the last person to get the equivalent of an email address 📧 in this coming future. Get onboard now 🚀🛰 and start with something fun and useful like #steem and #eos.

What do you think?

Have you made similar attempts to spread the word? If so, link to them in the comments.

Many of us believe cryptocurrency is the future, but it's still difficult to get people onboarded. They need a reason to put in the effort, and gaming may be enough for some to get started. It has to be easy. Notice also, people outside of our tribalistic cryptocurrency bubbles don't know or care about which blockchain they use. They just want to see value and usefulness before they bother spending any time or money learning more. This thread was mostly directed at EOS, but I had to mention Steem and SteemMonsters as well. If one game doesn't work, a different one might. Once someone is onboard the cryptocurrency ecosystem, they can (and most likely will) branch out to learn about other cryptocurrency projects.

We can help facilitate adoption through education and pointing in the right direction. Some people will sign up to Coinbase (referral link) and buy cryptocurrency directly right away. Others will get introduced through games when a friend convinces them to come join them in play. The future is coming fast and our friends will remember those who helped them understand and participate in it.

Luke Stokes is a father, husband, programmer, STEEM witness, DAC launcher, and voluntaryist who wants to help create a world we all want to live in. Learn about cryptocurrency at

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I'm curious to know why you think blockchain is necessary for gaming. I've been thinking about this since I played DrugWars. So far, my opinion is that most games that we were familiar with don't need blockchains. But there indeed exists a potential new class of games powered by blockchain, which needs further exploration and imagination.

I don't think games "need" blockchain. Nothing "needs" blockchain just like nothing "needs" the internet (humans survived a long time without it). That said, I think blockchain gaming will fundamentally change how we think about the value of gaming because of the provable scarcity of cryptographically secured digital assets. That may be too much jargon, but another way to say it would be you get to keep the things you earn in game, can transfer them to others, and even keep them if the company that started the game goes away but another company decides to honor the data on chain and keep the game going.

That, right there, is really valuable. Currently, people spend billions on centralized games which, if they go away, means all the value they earned there is gone too. Prospectors, for example, plans to run as a DAC which means giving token holders influence on the in-game mechanics and economics. That's huge! Steps like that will change gaming and how we interact with game designers. DACs are showing up everywhere, and I'm glad to be working with @eosDAC to help.

thanks for sharing.

You can look at projects like THETA and realise that decentralised streaming will offer revenue in crypto for decentralised server hosts instead of major companies streaming games. This could create more resilient networks. Reduce major monopolies over gaming etc.

thanks, the project looks very interesting and the idea, as I look roughly, seems very convincing. I'll dig deeper later.

I retweeted you on the Steem Monsters part.

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I saw! Thanks. :)

100% yes! Just the other day I installed itam games Dark Town android game, in day 1 I flipped an item on the market, bought it for 0.8 EOS and sold it for 4 EOS, a true eye opener. Imagine if people knew you can do that today, it would create a stampede. There are just not enough channels to spread the news about blockchain gaming atm. Steem tribes could fix that.

Wow, that's awesome! Well done. I haven't seen that one. I'll have to check it out.

I am also spreading the word. My experience is that young teenagers like my son, prefer "action" gaming. I guess Prospectors is too boring for them. Older people as my friends still struggle with the entry barrier of account creation, scatter, etc. I have not tried steem monsters myself.
Maybe when Voice comes out and account creation is free it will lower the entry barrier for the mass market to start adoption.

To me, it is fascinating to specially observe the token economy of Prospectors as time goes by. I can't wait to see the first plots to expire to witness the market reaction to that.

I think it is a great idea as it allows many that already explore the gaming environment to get involved. The gaming Dapps jave done a great job of improving the interface and have made it almost seamless to not even noticing you are on a blockchain!

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Gaming is defo the future Luke, and like you say there is no point advertising it to ourselves.

If just one game catches fire, it will revolutionise Steem and Steemit's woes will seem pretty insignificant next to gamer success!

Love to you and yours :-)