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It's been so long since I set up my, well, Steemit-now-Hive account, that I can't say how easy or hard it was exactly, but it wasn't that easy or that hard. As many know here, onboarding can easily be an issue. But I figured it out... eventually.

This week I downloaded the Karma App.
It is basically an Instagram alternative on Wax, from what I understand.
I had some trouble setting up my account, and after some reasonable searching, I couldn't find many how-to's out there.

Make sure after downloading and opening the app for the first time, that you log out of the app, after which point you can set up your account with a phone number.

After getting my account set up and looking around some, I find the app looks great but runs very slowly. It also often restarts during image uploading.

Perhaps the Apple or desktop versions are smoother.

If anyone has any thoughts, opinions, or advice on Karma, please share.

I will see how it goes from here.
It seems like a neat idea.

Be well.
(words are original, image from pixabay)
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Cool. Thank you. Be well.