Welcome Hari Pranav, BEN engineering student, to Hive

in #blockchain4 months ago

Another one of our students has joined Hive 🎉

This time we welcome to @haripranav, a 3rd year engineering student from CMRIT Bangalore, India. He is a leader of BEN India and a content creator for BEN, adding many valuable lessons and guides to the BEN Resources Wiki at learn.blockchainedu.org.

Yesterday he published "How To Creating a Decentralized Portfolio Website" on both our wiki and on Hive:



Looking forward to more great Hive content from @haripranav! Be sure to give him a follow and support his work!

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Hi @steevc.

I'm Erick and I'm the President of BEN. I've been spearheading the Hive initiative to get more of our global network of blockchain students on Hive.

@CryptoFinally is a close friend of mine and after seeing the harassment she received from some top Hive stakeholders and this weird centralized Hive slack thing where upper ups trash talk other Hive content creators, I've lost a good chunk of motivation to help Hive and have to re-consider whether Hive is an environment I want to expose my students to. Students also haven't really been interested in Hive, although I do think Hive has potential.

I suggest you withdraw your delegation as this process could take a while as we figure out the next steps. Likely, if a student comes to us with a renewed interest in maintaining the BEN Hive profile, then it will continue on.

I'll post to the BEN profile every now and then to keep the ball rolling and grow momentum, but you'll likely find other projects more active than ours worth delegating too.

Sorry to hear that. I have not been following those matters, but it sounds like a certain whale took against her and maybe her reactions spurred him on. He is a bit of a troll and rising to the bait is the worst thing you can do.

Looking at this it seems she ignored advice from the good witnesses.

I think most people have a good experience of Hive and do not have to fear this mythical 'Hive slack'. The freedom we have here means that people can be dicks if they want to and some have enough power to do damage, but I don't think there is any big conspiracy, just people with multiple accounts they control.

Good luck in whatever you do.

I have delegated some HP to @haripranav so he does not have to worry about running out of resource credits that stop him posting.

Have you looked at giving auto votes to people? You can do it with Hive Vote. You need to ensure your HP is working to help people every day.

Thank you @steevc , I have posted two more blogs !

That's good, but you have to work on building your followers before you put out too many posts as they can only earn for a week. Join some communities and do lots of useful commenting to connect with people.

It would help to finish setting up your profile with pictures, link etc so people know who you are. An introduction post is useful as it can prove your identity with a photo or a link from another social account. If you need accounts for friends then go to https://hiveonboard.com/?ref=steevc

Thank you for the support and for your suggestion @steevc. We will look into that right away.

This account seems to be inactive. I don't want my HP idle and will withdraw delegation unless I hear from you soon. If you cannot be active then set up auto voting to follow someone who is, e.g. @tenkminnows.