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Here is an article about a unique platform which has been created to provide solutions to some real life daily needs that might actually cost us more time to get done if we are to do them manually.

Most of this thing created on Blockchain will make life activities and daily needs easier for the masses most especially users of Blockchain. Blockchain Technology mainly created to better our financial system through transparency, convenience and ease of affairs relating to finances in our daily lives is growing so much lately as it grows, more people are discovering its usefulness and won't cease to grab the opportunity.

It has been noticed lately that doing transactions and buying things online is one of the best and most convenient way to get things done with little or no stress at all.

Now, bringing online transactions into the crypto world, there's a need to attach every transaction to a particular cryptocurrency which has been build on blockchain network to ensure transparency and proper recording.

Seeing a Blockchain Platform rendering lots of useful and most essential services relating to our daily lives and giving crypto users in over 160 countries with 500,000+ registered users and 10,000+ merchants the opportunity to do necessary activities transacting with cryptocurrency, then there's a need to talk about this platform and create awareness.

This will lead us to talk about



I came across Brexco and I think it's one great platform everyone should start using. Brexco is a product under Brexily Exchange.

Brexily is a service by EVERUS
A Blockchain Technology company pioneering the widespread adoption of blockchain technology worldwide for real-life solutions.

Exclusive offer for EVR holder using Brexco, they get up to 8% off when they pay with EVR token.
You never want to miss using this platform.

Here are the unique and important features of Brexco;


Mobile Reload, E-Wallet Reload, Electricity Utility and Water Utility.

  • Mobile Reloads - Brexco enables users to send instant mobile reloads online and top up international phones in seconds anywhere and anytime.

  • E-wallet reloads - With brexco, the stress, risk and problems of going around with cash is solved, users can load e-wallet instantly and go cashless with an electronic wallet that gives access to easy pay.

  • Electricity Utility - Brexily online crypto payment give users access to pay electricity bills in less than few clicks without any hassle.

  • Water Utility - Water Utility bills can be paid by Brexco users with payment method of their choices, can be in crypto, debit/credit cards, net banking or their owned wallet.


TV Streaming, Public Transport, Insurance and Healthcare.

  • TV Streaming - With the adoption of cryptocurrency and blockchain, Television operators can accept digital payments using crypto wallet.

  • Public Transport - Brexco accompany transit operators to digitize transport cards with easy, convenient and customized payment services to access public transport, this can be done via Mobile ticketing on Mobile ticketing application.

  • Insurance - Brexco allow users to pay for their insurance premium through online crypto payment.

  • Health Care - Medical billing service is also available, as patients can settle their bills and pay for budget-straining treatments using crypto payments.


Education, Petrol, Gift Card and Gold.

  • Education - With crypto payment method, Users can pay educational fees using Bitcoin or any crypto of their choice based on college acceptance.

  • Petrol - Users are able to pay at pump with their Brexily wallet and also receive change automatically for their unused credits after buying.

  • Gift Cards - Users can purchase gift cards using Bitcoin from services like eGifter, or Gyft which can be redeemed on Amazon and other popular retailers.

  • Gold - Crypto users have the opportunity to purchase Gold using Bitcoin or other digital currencies.


Flight Booking, Hotel Booking, Car Booking and Holiday Packages.

  • Flight Booking - Users can book cheap flight using Brexily online services. Travels can be Booked with Bitcoin and other digital assets.

  • Hotel Booking - You can book at over 2 million hotels in 230 countries globally via Brexily online crypto payment method.

  • Car Booking - Users can get a taxi and pay with Bitcoin or other digital currencies.

  • Holiday Packages - Using Brexily online crypto payment methods, users can pay some travel agencies and sites with Bitcoin and other digital currencies.


Are you already anticipating Brexco with this unique services available to ease our daily needs??

It's going LIVE soonest.

Don't forget to check out their social media platforms for first hand information and enquiries.

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