BlackLivesMatter MIGHT KILL US ALL!

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What's wrong with you people?! DO YOU WANT TO KILL US ALL?

We have completely shut down the economy, destroyed tens of thousands of existences (unemployment, bankruptcies), chased conspiracy theorists with police violence, showed us all solidarity..

And now all of this for nothing?!

You can't spit more crassly in the face of the nurse heroes!?

If you are serious about Corona, you could have demonstrated for BLM a few months later. The systemic racism is nothing new.

Before, we all clapped for our nurses, now it was all ruined in one day. Is that respectful of their work?
What if the second wave comes and crashes our health care system?!

Before it was solidary to go into hiding at home, because one thinks of the weak and old, and to make all those who demonstrate outside for basic rights look bad - today it is solidary to demonstrate for BLM!


Especially the stupid conspiracy theorists had demonstrated for the basic rights, basically that the BLM people should still have the right to now demonstrate - but the conspiracy theorists are stupid.

double standard

I think it's time to wake up my friends ;) The moment has come.

After centuries!

Nearly biblical..

Jan ;)

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Best proof that Corona was a plandemic or infodemic, don´t forget this German polit-clown who openly and on air admitted they just now tested for the case of emergency.

Also proof that 90% of people are too stupid to grasp it, thanks to the mass media which (OK we knew it already) cannot be trusted.


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