Blizzard meme comp

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You've probably heard of what has happened as it's all over the internet today, if not check the trending post by @steemmonsters and if you are a Hearthstone player looking for something new instead, check out Gods Unchained (beta key inside)

So here are some memes from the internetz, not gonna bother sourcing as it's exhausting but gonna send part of post rewards to steem.dao.

Except that one player's for now.

Then someone did this today. xD

Reddit user u/elpinko put in a lot of effort into this one, lol.

What are your thoughts on the recent actions by Blizzard?

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Everyone is so scared shit of China and losing revenue that they lose their freakin head and conscience first

Blizzard is becoming anti free speech because of their chinese partners in Tencent who own 5% of the company, 5% is making a free speech go, bad times for once a beacon of gaming.


I've been boycotting PRC and Blizzard for years.

They should have had a "no political activism" clause for all their events.

Would have been able to stave off Chinese government's ire and players trying to send a message, and keep eSports eSports.

Basically, they need a new legal team.

Ya, but punishing the player and both announcers is dumb.

That's what happens when you don't have a clause in place. You are forced to choose either money or image.

I was surprised that a company as big as Blizzard did not foresee such dilemma. Their own fault for not being prepared.

Try to create some meme contest about this like Dan created steem/newsteem meme contest on twitter :P

I think they're a punch of pussies who are too concerned with greed to give a fuck. I think part of the reason why they're punishing those people and acting fucking stupid is because they're trying to push a new mobile game into China right now. They aren't the only pussyboi's sucking the dry scrotum of China right now though, the NBA just did the same a few days ago as well over a Tweet. Shit is cowardly and pathetic.

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