Blender: Modeling a Corona Virus in a few steps

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Modeling a Corona Virus with blender


Add a Ico Sphere with 4 Subdivisions.


Select some Faces and enable Individual Origins.

Extrude the selected faces.

Extrude a second time.

Scale the faces.

Add a Subdivision Modifier with at least 4 Subdivisions.

I did the above steps with a few more faces and duplicated the virus some times. Then I got the following scene.

For coloring the virus, I designed the following two materials.


After assigning the two materials to the virus and setting the world background to red I start the rendering process and got the following result.


Then after activating the Depth of Field option in the camera settings and rendering again, I got the final result with some unsharpness in foreground and background.



Hey man ... great to see some blender things around here.

I have been using blender in the past as well and setup a Blender community here.

We can try and see can we grow it :)

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Nice work! I've been modeling a generic coronavirus in the past two weeks and even made a video of it that I posted in an FB artgroup. I'll post my version soon. It was rendered in Octane for Blender.

Exceptional modeling!

This post has been appreciated and featured in daily quality content rewards. Keep up the good work

That's some pretty cool looking virii O_O and some nice textures you slapped on it. Think the dof version looks the best as that arm that's jutting out in the immediate foreground is a bit jarring without it XD Nice work :)