Black Sheep Bloggers, I can't find you if you don't subscribe to the Community (An erotic tale of hitting a button!)

As I sit here in my super posh lingerie contemplating my cup of bone broth, I see that there are active users of the tag but can not find the posts nor do I have the proper Yoni alignment to look! In order to get my monies, you need to use the Community 'front end' to blog from. I have some monies that will be used but you have to figure out how to hit the SUBSCRIBE button. Let me do a Yoga position right now to share this knowledge with you!

Hit the Subscribe Button and then you post from that community for it to show up. We'll curate accordingly. If this isn't "New Agey" or MLM/Scammy quick money enough it's not supposed to be, it's an infohub where you can pimp out whatever the heck you want to as long as it isn't something that most sane people would consider utter bullocks.

Congratulations to @hetty-rowan and @reverendrum for demonstrating the capacity to become MODS for this ground breaking and super sexy initiative for all those who feel that their posts could use more love without the whole "culty" feeling. A special shout out to @Canna-Curate and @Anthonyadavisii as well. You don't have to fit in to stand out and you don't have to chase good things for good things to happen. Rewarding yourself is okay, talking about payouts or being shut out is also okay and there is nothing "feel good" about Black Sheep Bloggers. It is made for EVERYONE at every level regardless if you are an Investor, Blogger, Dev or all three which would be someone like me who doesn't want to do Macro pictures of bugs on leaves and say "hello friends" to people who are absolutely not friends. There is nothing wrong with that either. We are all here for our own reasons and owe nothing to anyone and that is truly the most decentralized act of all.

My blog isn't a billboard, if you want your logos on here you have to do better than throw micropennies or a few bucks at me. I put logos up if I truly believe in something. Not everyone wants to read something good then see literally a long ass list of billboards, I hate to say that I do pretty well for myself in life but I do and if you want me to 'play' then you can pay me just as my real life clients do. :) Join, don't join but there are plenty of people on here who dm me and I talk to who say they feel like "Black Sheep" which is odd considering this platform.


Make it a @BlackRamBlogger


…and you immediately have Betman onboard, @battleaxe 😄

Thank you @battleaxe!

I'll live up to the expectations of being a good Black Sheep Blogger

BSB to past the Moon, many will be stuck on Uranus because BSB is not even a thing, it's a movement

It's a lifestyle ... it's being yourself

...what about ye old adage 'if there's a club I can belong to, I don't wanna join' (or summat like that)..

this ain't no stinkin' club, no badges, no b.s.
no cult..........yet, I mean I hear there is big money in MLM Cults, do you want a free copy of my e-book on how to recruit suckers and hustle your way to the top of the pyramid?

I jumped off the top of my pyramid years ago - I found it a particularly shit place to reside. (and my pyramid was a tiny one!)
If the quality of life is commensurate with the size of the pyramd, I'll take chewing nails as an option first...

...just posted a vid in your gaff - not showing up?

Congratulations @battleaxe!
You raised your level and are now a Dolphin!

Do not miss the last post from @hivebuzz:

Hive Power Up Day - Let's grow together!

yes a dolphin, too the mooon or Uranus

Congratulation on becoming a dolphin @battleaxe 🎉🎉🎉

Thank you SO MUCH! CONGRATS for being in the top 20 Witnesses! :) thank you

Thank you for your unfailing support @battleaxe, really appreciated!