"I am Bored..."

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A child' portrait in monochrome. (Black-and-white conversion was added in PS). Clickable.

taken with Canon 350D +50mm 1.4


Nice shot and nice emotion. Was it guided or a "sneak peak"? :)

I havent heard this "sneak peak" idioma, but probably it is it. not staged at all. (that my babygirl, I happened to be close most of the time, so..)

This photo shows boredom in excellence - you can really see what she must be thinking ;)
Cool shot @qwerrie - I hope except of being bored you are all OK :)


I appreciate your kind words, Johan. a good title is needed to appreciate the capture, no? would it work in a same way without this title, how do you think.

I think the title matches the photo perfectly I have tried to find another title, but boredom is perfect.
The photo thumbnail itself without a title would make me curious to click on it, because I would like to know what's going on.
So I would say it would also work without a title, but much better with it :)

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Great photo!
Оно мне очень понравилось и название отражается в ее глазах.
Красивая девочка!

пасиба! я обязательно передам ей ваш комплимент.

Людмила, а вы не присоединитесь к фотоигре @barbara-orenya? - путешествие по алфавитной стране (находить и фотографировать 6 штук чего-нибудь на конкретную букву. на этой неделе, заканчивается А-раунд. не знаю, насколько вам такое времяпрепровождение симпатично? но не могу не пригласить!)

Большое спасибо!
Нет, не присоединилась , т.к. я об этом даже не знала.
Я зайду, посмотреть.

A wonderful portrait capture @qwerrie Plenty of emotion there. I hope she wasn't bored for too long.

thank you for kind words! :)