Shore Monochromes

Editing photos into art is always fun. When I go out shooting photos, I always have extra pictures that I can't fit into just one post. Sometimes they're not focused too well for a color photo, but they look cool altered. There used to be a contest and tag #MonochromeMonday. It looks like no one really uses it anymore. Nonetheless, I think I'm gonna post black and white style photos every Monday indefinitely.

All but one photo in this post were taken in South Jersey. Sometimes I get lucky and it isn't too windy to bring my DSLR camera onto the beach. I really like the shore. The smell of the bay and the fresh ocean air are among the simple and cheap things in life keeping me alive and well.I think I might go to Florida this month and go swimming!

IMG_0317 2.JPG
A single feather on the beach.

IMG_0287 2.JPG
What often washes up on the Delaware River Bay beaches.

IMG_0291 2.JPG
A sand crocus in a sand dune.

IMG_0713_1 2.JPG
Taken in Pinelands National Preserve.

IMG_0290 2.JPG
A common sand dune plant. I think it's a bayberry.

IMG_0296 2.JPG
Low grade in the sand dunes of Wildwood Crest.

IMG_0233_1 2.JPG
True monchrome.

IMG_0606 2.JPG
Northern border of Cape May National Wildlife Refuge.

IMG_0253 2.JPG
Coastal flood plain in Reed's Beach.

IMG_9914 2.JPG
Taken at home in Pennsylvania.


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