And finally India bans bitcoin..?

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Hello everyone,

Half of the media is now claiming that India is about to hammer the last nail on the bitcoin's grave. One of the leaked bills - which I don't know why gets leaked whenever confidential is labeled on it, states that "India is about to ban all of the cryptos once this bill gets approved and will prison every holder, supplier, distributor of cryptos for 10 years." And yes I will be soon blogging directly from the jail, finally, the place where one can think about why I did this? Okay and what about the capacity of such jails? I will call myself a front-line soldier if this happened. I wanted to be a part of India's freedom fight, but I was just 50 years late when I was born. Nevermind, this fight will work the same as well.

Every time such a thing happens like a confidential file getting public in media I just think who dared to do this? Whatever, it is same as always and this is how we warn in India. Whenever GoI wants to warn people of something, it leaks the bill. Clevermind! If I want to warn my friend I will just leak random chats and my thoughts on him and bang! It works every time.

However, one of the advocates from Argentina said this on Indian Government on the stance over cryptos.

And John McAffe, I don't know why he never reveals that - "Who is Satoshi ?"

But why this move?

This is a preventive measure because very few people here know what bitcoin or cryptos are and how volatile they can become at a certain time. This will make a situation where people will burn their fiat, livelihood in expectation of something which can't be predicted. Cryptos are based on mathematics and mathematics is not sufficient to predict it, lol. Calling GoI corrupt or dumb will never make things right, GoI wants to protect their user from heavy loss, that's all.

Things will flip...

In one of the events where India's PM Narendra Modi was answering all the general people questions, one woman said that her son always plays games like Pubg or frontline. The reply of PM Modi gave me chills, where he said that
"stopping something is not a solution, things are changing and people are adapting to it. Simply getting phone or computer out of reach from their child will only push her child in dark days, in stone-age. Instead of this, parents must get to understand the situation and work on it likewise. You can't stop things from happening but you can regulate it like the way you want."