Shopping Dragon style^^

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Il guess you all know about that fun bitcoin run we hade ?? I did 'kind of ' wellllll with it ;)
Today for the great tag #marketfriday i tought, how about i take you car shopping???? ok ok and sum other, good to have stuffies :P
I now drive a suv top geared up, wizz all em cute extras one can slam into a car LOL Why?? I like shiney stuffs &&&

Im a firm beliver in: the one with the most coolest stuff when you die WINS ;=)

I kick out 328hk out of that sucker, i got R-edition optimiced to 460Nm, But thats my work car, & i doo need, yes the defenition of need is diffrent for everyone ;) Buut i want a play car, my jaguar have done its job, i see a upd coming :D
I made a great trading on my bitcoins, and with that said, i did actually sell at 12,2, just as i didnnt have enuff chill in me & i do prefear dealing when im safe , any ways now lets look at the car ;)
hämtning (4).png
For you who dont know cars, this is the stunning :

Dodge Charger SRT HELLCAT Supercharged 717HK

a pretty girl, right??? & concept of driving a hellcat, juust sutes me ;)
Shes also a newbee, -18 model, i wasent actually going for this year, i was hunting for -15 to -16 but they aint showing up so much here in sweden.
We need to talk specs ;) 717HK Torqueflite, Kompression V8 of 6.2L ;) :P
8,4 tutchscreen for your driving experience, Automatic speed auto transmission with paddles,
SRT logo on the seats, in metalic pearl buut i was or is looking for a matt finish.. I dont know, what do you guys think???

hämtning (3).png
Should i sit thight until i can get my hands on one with matt finish?? Hm what cars do you drive?? and most importent; are you even in to cars? ;) LOL
hämtning (6).png

As you guys see, i dident buy her... But i did get my self a new Tv :P
& what is shopping with out adding to the sunglass sections ;)

Did also get some nice handbags, i dident snap pix of them thow LOL
Thanks for going shopping with me, :D

may the bitcoins rule ever in your favor^^

my twist to #MarketFriday initiated by @dswigle (Denise)


“It does not do to leave a live dragon out of your calculations, if you live near her.
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Very nice car!

But does it have a ...

LOL :P aww your talking a dc-ienhancer naaa im not intrested in getting girls hun LOL we do have tons of thouse roaming the streets here,O.o found a lamborghini today, got all excited thought he would race buut dang this old dudes, simmering the streets in 80, sutch a waist of a beauty like that :(

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Did you take it for a test ride?

Of course i did👍🏻😉😀 city drivning wasent all that but the turn over to the highway,,, yum😂🤪 plus hearing the growling of the V8 is magic💗🐉💗

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I wrote a short story about a tough guy that drove that same car lol.

I am playing with bitcoin.
It is back up to 12,450 and I am losning it out from xcoins at 18%. Lol i got in at $3000 so it is producing at 9450+18%. This is fun. I miss my dragon

Your pulling my leg right?? LOL

aww, now that IS a great game to play ;) i see it was at 12.8.. WHEN i was hard at snozzy, crap i hate the time difference :( hm sorry; i dont understand-losing out form xcoins at 18%????
Nice, you got in early!! slamming trade % hun :D and it is doing that , allll by its lonesum tooo LOL :P got to love money working for one self LOL

Im here, but i do need you to coment, so i have something to respond tooo ;) ook right now, i must make em fiats roll in , so the bitcoins can roll out ^^

It was supposed to "loaning ot out". At xcoins you can pick the interest rate on "loans" from 20%-30%.

They are not real is a way of selling using paypal.

There must not be many sellers right now. I turned the interest up to 18% to discourage people buying but they keep buying.

Gooood morning hun, coffee is ready for you😀☕️☕️🐉💗🐲
Aw now the line makes better sence😉😂 hm i hope your not loaning??😬😱 cheeses peeps are crazy, even adding 18% lol

Its not a loan? Why not just sell then?

Yeah i see the scale going wild on all my traders, you say-sort of sellers? Hm could be...
Nice to see you again😀👍🏻🐲🐉

The website calls it a loan but it is selling. I just sold a little bit then stopped it. Gonna wait for 13-14k before I do much more

Im a stickler for the fine print😉 that loan thingi is making my skinn itch😂 lol
Hm i need to see if markert dropps im holding such smal amount now😢😢

I am waiting for a drop too. If i can get back in around 10.5 then i am good. I think it is going to pop again.

hmm 10??? hmm i like to see lower.. are you actually buying at 10???
I agree, i think we will see a looot of bouncing..

By pop i mean jump up past 15k

Ha ha i kind of got that, lol
Sooo did you fix me dinner tooo?? Hint hint^^

Coffee smells good

I know , right?? You keep it coming, i still have 3.5 h leaft here😉😂😁

Is funny I want the market to go up and go down at the same time lol.

no noo FIRST , doooown with a bang, & then 30min later>>>>>>>>>>> RICE and shine ;) we dooo need time to bunker up them cutsies ;) what is the stats now???

Well done girl you sold at a good price it's heading back down again enjoy and while your at it can you buy me one of them Dodge Charger SRT HELLCAT Supercharged 717HK....Cheers :)

Woohoo thanks, i made a profit, so im content && all i noow need to do is get more ;) soo i can get on the next rush ;) LOL
RATFLOL heay now, I was the one , who wanted that car ;) sneakyyy Mr, sneaky LOL soo what do you drive?

I am happy for you my friend well done.

I drive a American muscle car the TransAm Pontiac night rider model with a fully worked 350 Chevy motor freaks everyone :)

Woohoo Thank you :D NOW i juust need one with matt finsih too LOL
Aw arnt you showing OF!!! I liek transam, i drove a pontiac like a decaid ago, was great fun :D ha ha they purrrrzzz like kittens ;) :D woohoooo

I love them i have always had American muscle cars they are the best great horsepower and great stylish bodies :)

Ha ha i do agree with you, i do thow preafer the japanes streamlines....But nooothing beats the growl from a american muscle LOL

  ·  9 months ago (edited)

That growl just awesome :))))

This is my Beast :)