Stages of a bubble

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Screen Shot 20201106 at 05.04.40.png

Just so you are clear about where we are, institutional investors are buying now (Awareness Phase) and we are just about to enter the Mania Phase. Once BTC passes the $20K ATH set in 2017 you can be sure, if it hasn't already, the Mania Phase will commence with a vengeance. Current price $15.5K

Hold on to your hats ;)


Wow! What a nice and scary graph!

Thanks for sharing.

Not so scary really. The graph reflects the way humans think.

The key is understanding the bigger picture and knowing how to take advantage of it ;)

Okay. Thank you very much for sharing! I will have to learn about this!

Just know that nothing goes up forever and there will be a time to sell. Unless you are prepared to wait for the next cycle, which will likely be in another 4 or 5 years.

Hi! So this is the cycle for selling bitcoin?!

As the recognition of bitcoin goes mainstream it should perfectly fit this classic cycle. I guess we could call it a super cycle. Though to be fair, bitcoin seems to go through a mini version of this cycle every four years, due to the halving.

Oh! So bitcoin is in the beginning of its super cycle!!

I wish I could earn some extra cash for some bitcoin!


So true, that is exactly what I'm expecting too. I hope a few people in the Leo Finance community see this and let it sink in - it might open a few eyes and pop a few heads - so many people seem to think this time is different and it's going to the moon. LOL...

It may go to the moon but it will quickly come back!

That hopium stuff people are smoking these days seems pretty strong ;)

I post reminders like this because I was sorely stung by the 2018 crash, without any understanding that markets always work in cycles. Had I seen a post like this one, I would have been able to prepare myself better. If I had believed it of course. Coz yeah, just like them, I thought it would keep on going up forever ;)

Gentlemen, start your engine?.... or fasten your seat belts?😎

No seatbelt required when there is no gravity ;)

To the moon 🚀


What are you hugging?

Hold on to your hats ;)

I need to find myself a hat ( preferably a nice winter hat for the cold morning and nights )

Exciting times for sure. I can feel it in the air!

Big hug,