Bitcoin tipping challenge: guess the price of Bitcoin and win 10 Hive

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Hi there my Hivean friends and followers!

As you have probably noticed, the crypto market is rising and the current pump of many coins have inspired me to come up with another special Bitcoin tipping challenge for you.

Just a few days ago, Bitcoin even got over the $12,000 mark for a while and I am really curious to see how optimistic (or pessimistic?) your guesses will be :)

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If you want to participate in this tipping challenge, please submit your guess on what the price of Bitcoin will be in exactly 30 days from now (that is on September 3, 2020) at 11:00 A.M. Central European Time (CET).

  • Please round your guess to whole dollars (for example: $12,345).

  • You can submit your guess from now until the payout of this post.

  • Only one guess per person.

  • No editing is allowed.

The ending Bitcoin price for the challenge will be taken from and proved with a screenshot taken from their website on September 3, 2020 at 11:00 A.M. CET.

The winner (fastest correct or closest tip) will win 10 Hive from me.

I hosted a similar challenge some 3 months ago and back then, I got 24 valid entries so let´s see if we exceed the number this time.

I am looking forward to checking your guesses :) Good luck everyone!

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$10 977






$ 9.500,-

My guess is $11,150



$ 10 842 is my guess

$12.244 is my guess (and hope) :)


I was overly bullish the last time... maybe this time I will be closer?!? About 70% rise sounds fair to me. 😁 So this makes $19210 hopefully! Pretty close to the ATH!

$14900 and I am challenging... the odds... but #ethereum is killing me on predictions.

Hey, thanks for your participation. I can see you didn´t actually edit your guess, just some words, so I accept your guess as valid but please no editing next time ;)

was just the "." =) didn't know what convention to use... euro or US!

ahahaha script lol

$16.354! Hehehe!
I hope the prices surges more than that though!

Hey, thanks for joining the challenge. I can see you didn´t actually edit your guess, just some words, so I accept your guess as valid but please no editing next time ;)

Yeah, my comment was looking like shit so I edited it. Sorry for that!
Thanks for hosting the challenge man!


Hey Petr I am not doing the best with your tipping challenges, but I won't give up :)

Let it be 13 433$...

Good luck to you all!

$ 12,850

just for information. There is a weekly „guess the Bitcoin price“ hosted by @spinvest were everybody is also welcome to participate

Thanks for the info, I didn´t know... I hope @spinvest doesn´t mind :)

16969 USD ;)

$ 13,250