Buying Bitcoin with Shakepay in Canada

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Update : I bought my fist $10 of Bitcoin with Interac on Shakepay yesterday .... was Instantaneous. Awesome.

Anyone else try Shakepay to buy Bitcoin in Canada ?

I signed up yesterday and it went pretty quick. I am told fees are a lot lower on Shakepay compared to Coinbase and you can easily add funds through Interac. For some reason I am unable to add any new funds to Coinbase ????

I have asked Shakepay if they could add Steem to their list of Crypto currencies and sent them my 1 Minute Elevator Pitch. They said they will look into it and appreciate when their customers bring them these ideas.

I Would love to have a place to send Steem without going through Binance and Coinbase and PayPal.....

Shakepay Referral Link ....

Note: if you sign up to Shakepay and buy $100 Bitcoin we both get $10


If you are already a Crypto Millionaire and want to send me $10 Bitcoin to Shakepay this is my Shakepay BTC address



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I have had my shakepay account for 4 or 5 months now and it was the only way as a Canadian I could find to buy Crypto as I do not use one of the big four banks. I have made several interac transfers and then converted to bitcoin which I then sent thru to convert to STEEM. Very easy to do and quite quick as well.

Excellent. Thanks so much for sharing your experience with Shakepay.... I am going to try the Interac transfer tomorrow. Much appreciated.

Bought my 1st $10 Bitcoin on Shakepay with Interac.... was instantaneous. Awesome.

I've been using shake pay for many months now. Mostly small buys and then immeditly send it to my exodus wallet.

Thanks.... I guess I will need an Exodus wallet too then. Or maybe just cash out the Bitcoin whenever it spikes ? I seem to be Hodling everything way too long.

Is shakepay Canadian?

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Yep ....

Mailing address

Shakepay Inc.
410-500 rue St-Jacques
Montreal, QC H2Y 1S1