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RE: Hello $7500!

in #bitcoin10 months ago

Stack up those sats! Was a bit of a shock when I checked old Blockfolio earlier to see a whopping great dump on my holdings. Of course, pretty driven by BTC. In comparative terms, steem price in sats hasn't been too adversely affected, just the GBP price due to BTC falling.

So, strategy... Capitalise on this BTC price drop with the spare fiat I keep in reserve (seeing as these are the prices that a lot of people had been hoping for again, better get a move on), average it out over the coming weeks and, if BTC breaks out before alts, ride it out and look for the opportunity to get some (more) steem on the cheap, seeing as RC pools are going to be a useful tool for communities and SMTS.

This dolphin got on his booster pack to make it to Mark II 🐬

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