Andreas Antonopoulos: «bitcoin is not ready to help Venezuela»

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«bitcoin is not ready to help Venezuela»

I recently read this news in Spanish, it was an interview conducted by the she journalist Carelin García .

In the interview, several topics related to bitcoin were touched upon, within those points of view I very much agree with him when he refers to the technological infrastructure that we have in Venezuela. During these 20 years of a destructive government that is not concerned with facilitating and thinking about the future, I must say that only those of us who live within Venezuela can attest to the realities of the country with respect to its technological infrastructure, in that sense I repeat I must agree with this great guru of crypto

I'll quote something that came to my attention in the interview:

Today, not enough people can access that escape. Bitcoin is not ready to help Venezuela. Venezuela is not ready for Bitcoin. It's unfortunate, right? Just as in its early days the Internet did not help any revolution or democracy... Even now it does not, but it gives people more and more opportunities to see that the world is different. I think a lot of human behavior starts when you see that you have a choice. Just knowing that another option exists is very liberating. Spanish link

I propose something that is not usual and I must be contrary because many people who do not live in Venezuela do not know what goes on inside, they often believe and become Venezuelan experts, that is, they believe they are experts in Venezuelan matters.


"But they're all so far removed from reality." - that's my opinion.

It seems contradictory but Venezuela is one of the countries in the world where Bitcoin is most used. In fact Venezuela is in first place in Latin America doing exchange using the LocalBitcoins platform

Spanish link.

Additionally also in other opportunities Venezuela climbs to second place in BTC's world trade through Localbitcoins

Spanish link.
Based on these premises, it is possible that from my point of view Andreas Antonopoulos is a bit wrong, I think that Venezuelans despite adversities have sought ways to solve problems that directly affect us in our life and financial system.

We have managed to find and adopt cryptos in the best way in this regard Bitcoin, but also others that follow them, Andreas raises something that is true the mobility of Bitcoin is mostly used to send remittances to Venezuelans by relatives outside from Venezuela. So I wonder, is BItcoin not being used?
In one way or another of course it is being used, for that reason there is no doubt that Andreas gives an interpretation by saying that:

"Bitcoin is not ready to help Venezuela. Venezuela is not ready for Bitcoin."

Of course we are ready and prepared for that and I think that much more prepared than other countries that despite having a more advanced technological infrastructure than Venezuela do not know and much less handle the amount of transactions that Venezuela currently has.

Bitcoin If you are ready to help Venezuela. Venezuela If ready for Bitcoin


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Hello dear Friend.

Interesting article.

I totally agree with you when you say that Venezuela (or rather, Venezuelans) is ready to work with bitcoin.
Maybe I would have to watch the full interview with Andreas Antonopoulos, as I imagine, he must have a solid foundation to make this statement.

Every point is debatable depending on the perspective with which we analyze the variables.

Regarding the volumes of BTC marketed in Venezuela:

First of all I must tell you that the links you provided correspond to articles from August and December 2018.

Assuming that this behavior has been maintained in 2019, my big question is:
Who are those Venezuelans who have commercialized that high volume of BTC?
I do not believe that remittances reach those levels.

Then I can only think of money laundering. Who have the dollars in Venezuela?

Well, that is my point of view. I do not want to be reckless to accuse anyone, but most Venezuelans do not have access to BTC, much less those exorbitant figures.

That is, according to the article of your link Venezuela marketed 4,352 BTC in Dec 2018. With an average price (according to coingecko) of 4000 usd for that date equivalent to 17,408,000 usd. Really remittances could move that capital in just 4 weeks? I do not think so!

Your Friend, Juan.

Hi @juanmolina

All your analysis is very perfect and with very solid bases with respect to the year of the sources.

However, when he speaks, I feel that he does so in ignorance of what happens, whoever handles such high volumes and all Venezuelans know who are the criminals who handle so much,

The fact is this in general, I mean of course we are ready for bitcoin and bitcoin already knows it.

Another thing also the interview is over and I, knowing the gestures of the people, went more for the political part without taking away the reason. What he says only differs from some things and is what I expose in a very general way.


Even if you don't believe it personally and knowingly, I can tell you that if you handle a lot of shipments using bitcoin, and they are going very far, 95% of Venezuelans inside Steemit change their Steem pra BTC and then for Bolivares according to Be your needs.

I really appreciate your comment the feeback helps other users.

Dear @LanzJoseG,

I do have to agree with Andreas Antonopoulos, and maybe he didn't express the best way possible or didn't want to for a multitude of possible unknown reasons, so I can only speak truthfully for myself..

It's not just Venezuela that is not ready, it's the entire world, Bitcoin was supposed to be a transitory mean between a cash society and a cashless society, where people are free from governments, banks, third party 'handlers'/controllers, to help people understand that we don't "need" to use a tool that has only psychological value, something that won't happen while people still attribute value to money and any other valueless 'things'..

But this is my conceivable utopian view of the matter..

Meanwhile it is already helping Venezuelans and other people with at least food on the table..

Sorry if I didn't add that much value to the conversation, just doing my best to keep it real..

Keep up the amazing work and stay strong my friend, cheers,

Dear @lanzjoseg, i think that who made this interview do not know how people from your country live with this shit coin as is your actual goverment fiat currency, thanks to cryptos, even bear market, many people save their saving from the inflaction and keep alive all hopes for a better future...

Something that I always have in my mind is that the Venezuelan, as a people, has always been a regular consumer of technology. That is not something new, we have been like that for a long time, we are very attracted to the news and we do everything possible to bring them to our country.

I remember that we have several records of adoption of new things, among them I think that cinema is an example, it began in Paris on December 28, 1895 and already by January 28, 1897, national productions of this new show were premiered at the Theater Baralt de Maracaibo (true that on July 11, 1896, a movie was edited with an Edison Vitascope in Maracaibo, but it was imported) and if we want a closer example I have it with Google Glass, which was put on sale to the public on May 15, 2014 by July of that same year I already found private sellers who offered it in the national market on a well-known Buy-Sell platform.

What I want to emphasize is that we have always been a curious people and open to the adoption of new technologies.

If we add to this precondition a new reality such as "the end of the Venezuelan oil rentier", where the oil industry (which provided until a few years ago more than 90% of national income) has lowered its production at a rate even more alarming than the fall in international oil prices; let's add the existence of a government with a strong authoritarian vocation, absolute lack of economic realism and full of populist and socially suicidal policies ... Well, we have the current reality, in which the adoption of cryptocurrencies is a desperate attempt by a part of the population to protect their heritage (which disappears as if it were ice against an acetylene torch) and also people who are sanctioned for various reasons and want to move their capital.

Thus, Venezuela is certainly famous for being a country with strong traffic and exchange of cryptocurrencies, especially Bitcoin, but it is also important to say that not the entire population has access to this market and I suspect that this is the case of most the population. We are facing an economic and social gap that arises from the Technological Gap between people (both for their knowledge of the subject and also for the availability of equipment and services that allow them to use them)

Now, are we ready for bitcoin? Well, in big lines I think you can say YES, but placing an asterisk, as is done with certain advertisements to add things to the footer. That asterisk would be to indicate that with the failures of electrical service, data services, connectivity, communication signal (Fixed or cellular), it becomes very difficult to work in activities of the digital economy, that is why I read a while ago very clear article called Los nómadas eléctricos (in spanish), that right in his Lead he put something that sums up the matter very well:

In the blackouts, Venezuelan freelancers improvise homemade devices to obtain energy and patrol cities by hunting for electricity and internet signal
(The original in Spanish, translation on my own)

Excellent analysis, professor @lanzjoseg. Although it is true that the technological infrastructure in our country is not going through its best moment, it is no less true that we Venezuelans always manage to advance despite the obstacles that the State tries to impose on us. Important note that you make regarding the frequency of use of Bitcoin in our country. Many times, erroneous interests are made when things are seen from the outside. Great and impeccable publication. Thanks for sharing it. I embrace you again.

We have been upset by the developments in Venezuela for months. The civil war there must end and life must return to normal. The issue of backwardness in the field of technology is annoying there. Everyone should organize their lives accordingly and work hard to end the problems.

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I've seen people on steemit from Venezuela who work with Bitcoin so probably the interviewee had different people she had been exposed to.

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