BTC - What happens when the FED announces unlimited QE...

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Initially, we had massive QE, well now we have QE Infinity!

And guess what that means for bitcoin...

You guessed it!

Mooning prices:


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It won't fully be reflected in prices until (if) that money actually makes its way out into the broader economy and debases the dollar.

Once that happens, everything priced in dollars goes up.

Hold on tight, the next 12-18 months are going to wild.

Stay informed my friends.



broader economy

you mean the pockets of the 1%?

I mean the broader economy... but yes it would have to start there.

unlimited QE = hyperinflation and death of the dollar.
These people get paid to make these decisions.
With fed now looking to buy stock directly, this is socialism through the back door - on steroids.
ffs! lol.

umm that BTC goes up!