BTC - Peter Schiff's Bitcoin Mystery Solved!

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Peter Schiff finally figured out exactly what happened to his Bitcoin...

Peter Schiff caused quite a stir earlier in the week when he claimed his Bitcoin wallet had somehow locked him out.

Setting the crypto world on fire with this tweet:


As you might have guessed, this caused quite a stir among the crypto community due to absurdity of the statement.

A zebra can't change its stripes...

The name Peter Schiff might sound familiar to you if you have been in the crypto community for any length of time as he is a well known bitcoin 'basher'.

He spends much of his time trying to discredit everything that is bitcoin and crypto.

Many suspected that what actually happened to his bitcoin wallet was a little more straight forward than what he was leading people to believe...

Something as simple as just forgetting his password:


This seemed like the most likely cause as most were unsure how securing your wallet or updating it as he says would somehow change his password and lock him out, like he seemed to be claiming.

And guess what...

They were right!

Peter finally "figured out" what had happened...

He simply lost his password!


He mistook his pin for his password and supposedly never recorded his password anywhere.

That is if you actually believe Peter.

I for one do not.

I think this was all part of Peter's plan to discredit Bitcoin, which he has been doing for years

He is an OG gold bug and knows that bitcoin is a direct competitor to his beloved precious metal, so he does everything he can to stop the revolution from turning him into the dinosaur that he is...

Don't be like Peter...


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Kudos to him for finally admitting what actually happened, though it most likely was all a ruse to get some negative press circulating about bitcoin.

He is and continues to be a bad joke.

Stay informed my friends.



GOLD is an excellent hedge but it's not my hedge is better than yours. That's a silly game to play. It also discredits gold bugs because even if gold was purchased in 2009 you would be way ahead in many respects. Perhaps not in speculation or 'stocks' but I would bet that the stock market wil crash and gold will not be taken for that ride.

Yep, agreed. His actions for years now show that he is afraid that bitcoin will take market share from gold.

I read that article and tweet and chuckled earlier today. I didn't know about his backstory but because I'd experienced a similar thing I figured user error was afoot

In fact, everything is much simpler)
He has done much more to popularize Bitcoin than many others - his criticism sometimes unreasonable works better than tons of laudatory comments. He attracts attention with his statements and thousands of others try to refute his criticism - it works like a black PR. As one famous person said, “it doesn’t matter black or white PR - it’s all the same PR”)
Look deeper;)

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Yes, that is true.

Is Peter really a gold bug or a master promoter?

He takes a nice commission off his websites for selling gold. My sense is that he doesnt believe in it as much as he is just shilling to make money.

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Reading his comments over the years I think he is likely a bit of both. Plus it makes it easier to shill something if you are holding it as well.

I think he is just desperate for engagement saying anything to get a reaction!

Yep, I think that sums it up pretty well. He is afraid that bitcoin will eventually become gold 2.0 and he is trying to prevent that from happening any way he can.

What a weenie.

Literally a weenie... he even looks like a weenie.

Haha i was following this story on Twitter. Never gets old. I don't believe him either! Pretty sure he only admitted it because he was turning into the crypto meme of 2020.

Remember kids, don't be a Peter.

Though at least he admitted to his mistakes in the end.