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It's time for your daily dose of hopium!

This time in the form of a possible max bitcoin price, and all that would have to happen is for history to just do what it did the last two times already.

Sounds doable, right?!

Historically, bitcoin has repeated a similar price cycle over a 4 year period, mostly related to its halving event.

Block rewards are cut in half and price goes up to compensate for the cut in new supply combined with static and then increasing demand.

These halving events happen every 4 years on average and are the main reason bitcoin has these 4 year market cycles.

So, what might we expect if this pattern were to play out again for a 3rd time?

I'm glad you asked!

If the same pattern were to repeat again this time around, the resulting chart would look something like this:


Do you see that max price there?

If you zoom in a bit, you can see the max price would be somewhere up around $400k.

Yes, you read that right...

If bitcoin just does something similar to what it did the last 2 times, we could see a bitcoin price up around $400k and it would happen by 2022.

I personally don't think we get anywhere near that level, but it's fun to speculate about never the less.

It's exciting to know that if history just repeats even a fraction of those gains many here would likely be very happy.

I know I would.

Stay informed my friends.


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Right now it is just hopium, but it certainly is nice to know that there is a chance for me to retire by the end of 2022 :D.
The last two rallys were driven only by retail investors (no big money involved). This time it is different, so I would not be shocked to see a 400k peak.

Yes, that is true. Institutions will be involved a lot more this time around, which may cap the rally or make it go even higher. Either way, we should see at least a little fireworks within the next 24 months.

Slide me some Bitcoin.

Sure, if you send me 1 bitcoin, I can access my locked up cache and I will send you 2 back...

(this is a joke btw, I won't be sending out any bitcoin)

Hopium for sure and what if it is even a quarter of that?

That would be ok with me!

Hopium is good.

It gives investors something to do while they wait for the moon.

The big word here is “if”. Wish I could instantly go to the future and find out!

Yep, same here.