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The CME Bitcoin Options are catching on pretty quickly

Just a week after launching, the CME bitcoin options are starting to catch on.

In their most recent trading sessions, they have done roughly the same amount of volume they did their entire first week of trading.

Check out the totals:


Their most recent trading sessions saw over $9 million trade, which was close to the totals seen for their entire first week of trading activity.


As you can see above, the first week saw pretty meager volumes.

The CME means business...

Overall, the CME bitcoin products continue to grow like a weed.

Meanwhile the Bakkt bitcoin futures and options products are seeing mostly meager and dwindling volumes.

Bakkt said they would slowly roll things out, but if they take too long to ramp things up here they may go the route of the CBOE and see CME take complete control over the US bitcoin derivatives market.

Stay informed my friends.


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