Can't Kill An Idea; Can't Ban Technology

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It's easy to look up at the top of the pyramid and think:

Wow... they really are all-powerful.
They can do whatever they want.

But they can't.

The elite could black-bag us and every single person we know,
but they can't turn off the Internet.

They couldn't ban cars or data phones either.

No one can ban abundance technology.
Too many people benefit from it.
Too many powerful people are financially incentivized to fight for its existence.

People are much more expendable than abundance technology.

When we look at countries that crack down hard on the population what do we see? Places like North Korea lose out on a lot of the synergy created by worldwide collaboration. Banning technological freedoms can come with dire consequences, even if there are benefits to the elite who employ this strategy.

Bitcoin Flat Architecture.

The neutral playing field that Bitcoin creates has not even come close to being fully utilized. We'll know it has when countries and corporations start competing to acquire it.

At the moment they desperately want to retain all the control they can, but just wait until the systems they've created begin to implode due to the rotten stench of their own corruption. These ravenous leeches have no idea how to build value; only take.

Bitcoin's gonna be looking pretty sexy then; the only asset left that has a foundation that won't shatter. Transferable permissionlessly anywhere in the world; privacy doesn't matter because they're already above the law.

They are the law.

DLT allows governance and value transfer to scale at a much lower rates of corruptibility than its fiat counterpart.


World power is delegated top-down.

There isn't one evil guy out there calling all the shots.
Power struggles happen on a daily basis.

Everyone has a slice of the pie, no matter how small.

In a traditional republic everyone get's a vote. To get what the elite wants the masses must be targeted with focused data (propaganda).

Looking at DPOS in particular, we see that vote strength is dependent on stake. This looks pretty bad at first. Rich people decide everything? Yeah, that's going to work out swell. However, that's also only half the story. That stake is not being spent and it's propping up the value of the coin promoting decentralization. It's a big risk, and the ones with most to gain often want their platform to succeed.

Look at these projects from the genesis block. The value was generated afterwards. Stake holders aren't rich at inception; the network at ground-zero has just as big a market cap.

Steemleo is a good example. Fully airdropped, no one paid a dime to get initial stake. It isn't rich people making the decisions. If the the network has any value it's due to those stake-holders continuing to hold. Steem losing 98% was a good lesson.

one ring rule.jpg

It only takes one.

One good distribution with one good governance rule-set. That would send any network soaring. Why is Steem going to soar one day? Because we'll have figured out by then how to monetize the community far better.

Blogging is a low value activity. What happens when we breakout into gaming and gambling more? Anyone who creates a good dapp that monetizes labor will go instantly viral.

Desperate times...

The worse the economy gets the more people are going to be looking for alternatives. Our talent pool can come from anywhere in the world. People are willing to work for $1/hour. This includes me... a guy living in the expensive ass California Bay Area.

Any service created that could provide consistent labor compensation of even $5/hour would be wildly successful.


Could you imagine that? People on Steem talking about how the $5 an hour they make is like the best thing ever and has completely restored their livelihood and remedied their financial desperation? Crypto is a bottom-up technology, and it's making waves.



Bitcoin is a shield of censorship resistance that benefits everyone but the censors. DPOS will allow for the rapid prototyping of communities and governance structures, in addition to providing jobs. The blockchain is a safety net for all of humanity.

It can't be banned.

Just ask China, India, Venezuela, Argentina, and Iran.

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Much of what you relate here is undeniably true. But exigency can render the equal playing field BTC potentiates moot. BTC would not have been able to impact the lives of civilians in Bosnia in the '90s, and while it can't be banned, and neither can cars or phones, they can be rendered useless as a result of the collapse of infrastructure.

You may not see that Putin, Xinping, or Trump could ban the internet, but they're not God, and can't prevent rebel Chechens from setting off an EMP, nor can they interdict the sun. They can't ban it by decree, but the power to destroy is extant and is shown throughout history to render political power negligible.

"Blogging is a low value activity."

Nothing could be further from the truth. Free speech and communications is perhaps the most valuable societal feature. Since centralized overlords aren't able to monetize it, they oppose it, and demonetize it to the degree possible. This is exactly what the FAANGS and neoliberal governments are doing now, but that doesn't render it void of value. It is exactly this misunderstanding that has caused the collapse of Steem price. The ability of centralized stakes to monetize our communications, which is demonstrably embedded in Steem code through stake weighting, is promoted to the maximal degree, but this is contrary to the actual value received through that communication, rather than accurately reflects it, which leads directly to the destruction of the token as that real value is destroyed by centralized monetization efforts seeking to extract that value for themselves.

Social media is the most profitable business model in the world today, as the FAANGs reveal. The feint at decentralization Steem code undertakes simply fails to directly centralize that monetization, and neither enables decentralization of that monetization. Steem's feint needs to become it's true implementation, allowing tokens to flow to creators rather than ninjaminers, and that will accurately marry the decentralized users to the value they derive from blogging.

Games and apps simply can't compare to the value free speech has to decentralized populations, which have long revealed how highly that communication is valued. It's the First Amendment to the Constitution for a very good reason, and the extraction of that value by manipulating rewards with centralized stake largely destroys that value on Steem. That value can be allowed to rise to it's actual level by allowing stake to flow to creators on Steem, which will grow the market and cause the price of the token to rise, creating ROI for stakeholders in the historically proven mechanism of capital gains that far exceeds what can be gained from extracting the vast majority of tokens that are decreasingly valuable to a market.

It is far better to have fewer tokens worth orders of magnitude more than it is to have more tokens worth orders of magnitude less.


I do think that gaming is probably the big market here. A blog as you say isn't one of those things that has longevity. Once you read it, that's it, for the most part unless it has evergreen content.

Creatives like musicians and artists alike could also hold a lot of value by bringing content consumers like those who spend money in the entertainment sites like Netflix, wasting subscription money that they could use to invest in their favourite creator (if they ever come to steem). Imagine all those billions, not even that, millions. 1 million Netflixers spending $100 once to buy steem... It's not a big cut of the entertainment industry pie...

Gambling sites and flash games like what we see on bitfun integrated in to steem do seem to be a damn lucrative market... Can you imagine if saga games with steem crush saga came out... There's your sky rocketing in demand of Steem..

I'm still eyeing up 20k steem by end of the year but maybe one big purchase after this little downturn in the last few hours could do it...

Any way, ramble over, love your content

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musicians and artists

Good point. As the market cap ascends more people will have money to support the entertainment industry. I also wanted to mention porn, but I didn't want to mention it.

Don't mention the sex industry, you'll have sjw's swarming all over you - and not in a good way.

Good post.

There's nothing inherently sexist or degrading about the sex industry, that's just the path they ended up taking. I see blockchain as a way to diversify the industry.

I know this - I've been in it for going on 20 years. lol

But the attitude here - 'sexist' 'misogynist', blah blah - is a big deterrent for 'that side' of business.

I just started a project, and was thinking of promoting, and putting on here. I decided not to.
(not just that reason, but it definitely came into the equation)

And I wont be connecting the two anytime soon.

Technically that's part of the entertainment industry but can see why it may have been hard to mention... 🙊

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wow. touche.

If Bitcoin could be banned then US would have killed it by now. The reality is BTC is global and here to stay.. Even if some countries continue to ban it then it will be their loss as all fiats are bound to crash sooner or later.

I'm already awaiting the time when BTC is a monster of a network and the most centralized of 'em all!
Then we will need even better tech to fight this beast!


Future is now.

It will almost certainly be privacy coins vs bitcoin. Rich people already have built in privacy.

At the moment they desperately want to retain all the control they can, but just wait until the systems they've created begin to implode due to the rotten stench of their own corruption. These ravenous leeches have no idea how to build value; only take.

Bitcoin's gonna be looking pretty sexy then; the only asset left that has a foundation that won't shatter. Transferable permissionlessly anywhere in the world; privacy doesn't matter because they're already above the law.

Like this place doesn't have the same markings of rotten stench. Your play on some wild, wild west scenario where people are going to tell governments of the world to go screw themselves and run their own system is laughable at best. You really think the majority of people want a system like that displayed here?....really?...the why aren't more people coming then going? It's hilarious, all the deception and heavy handed tactics deployed here are deplorable. What you think is lawless just hasn't been worth it yet to go after, I think the typical phase used is the complaints will lay on a desk until they mile up enough for someone to take notice and do something about it. Meaning right now this is just a small pea in the scheme of all the wrong doing going on. As crypto's grow so will the attention be given to them, there will come a day when Alf and his motley crew of alts were be forced to become one and abide by all the rules, laws and regulations as all others. Your assumption it will run rugged by the very means it takes little of nothing to keep it going is just as absurd, the system does not work on it's own and is only as good as those willing to go to jail or die for it. I can hardly wait for the day they try and oppose Russia and China, try and take control of their monetary system, yeah, right. Those countries have no problem at all taking care of those who they think will harm them.

It's even more staggering that you actually think no one's paying attention to how this is all folding out. In essence is the current cypto status quo is just laying the ground work, free of charge to the governments, of a potential new money system that they will snatch from you faster than a blink of an eye.

If you don't mind, please let me repeat an often quoted phrase from another old blogger, in terms that apply to this gibberish:

Go lay by your dish.

" money system that they will snatch from you faster than a blink of an eye."

It's hard to refute this. Look what happened to Libra: it challenged the status quo with substantial stakeholders - but not the same stakeholders - so it was prevented from launch. Should an organic DLT arise that functionally allows those legacy stakeholders to deploy it by seizing it from insubtantial stakeholders, that is exactly what will happen. It is what has happened to BTC, almost to the minute the futures market was launched.


Sad as it may be to some, some of us are not blinded to the realities. Thanks!

Your toxic experiences with Steem and social media in general have nothing to do with Bitcoin adoption. Communities are popping up like wildfire. What is it that your so salty about again? Oh right, probably the same thing as me; a drowning scarcity slave.

The need for a neutral platform to trade value on is at all time highs, and will remain indefinitely. No one can create more Bitcoin. It's a good enough solution. It doesn't have to be good. Same with Steem.

It doesn't have to be good. Same with Steem.

Eventually you'll find differently. It just a matter of time, and in most cases pissing off the wrong person with the connections and resources to push things along the regulatory compliance trial.

Toxicity is just a fact of life. Part and parcel. This place is no different, the bad actors are just as plentiful and as in real life your chances of running into them here are just as equal.

Another one that is spot on.

We are seeing a major shift in what is taking place. I feel Steemleo is the epitome of the transformation. Outside Aggroed, I am not sure there is another 100K+ SP account in the top 30 LEO holders.

Contrast that with banks. A new stock offering comes about and guess who ends up with a couple percent apiece. The same banks that own a piece of almost every Fortune 500 company.

There are going to be major changes to the system in the next 24 months. Personally, I only see cryptocurrency getting stronger over that time.