Long Overdue DigiPiglet farewell post!

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This is a way overdue post to follow up on my previous DigiPiglet post. For those who don't know, DigiPiglet is a trust chain was started by @daan and @nate.french and you can read in more detail about it here in this post by @daan.

It is a cute little piggie that is winging it's way around the world collecting little tips in BTC for final donation to Venezuela. It was in my hands about four months ago and I had sent it on it's way to an address in England to connect up with the next link in the chain... luckily, I didn't dawdle... so, I beat the Brexit closure of the border!


When it left my hands, we added a little gift for the package... actually, my daughter who was completely enamoured of the DigiPig was the one who added to the package!


She thought that it would be nice to send along a little picture of the Bitcoin dude that was starring in the comic that the DigiPiglet arrived in... and also to have a little sketch of the Digipiglet itself! After all, it was a pretty sad day when we had to farewell the little Piggy as I took him to the post office... she was asking if he could spend the night in her bed, so she could hug him one last time!

This was the comic that came from the daughter of @buwaytress!

Anyway, since I had sent him onwards to his new destination in England.. it appears that the little guy has been busy travelling around! This was him arriving in the land across the Channel.... thankfully flying under the Brexit mess!

Just hanging out in Greece... soaking up the Sun, the sea and the ancient culture!

Denmark.. at what appears to be a small machining and manufacturing plant....

... visiting distant relatives in Scotland!

... and that appears to be where the trail ends for the moment! I'm pretty curious to see if there is any more news about the little Piggy! Hopefully he didn't get lost in the mail over the dangerous Christmas season!

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I didn’t know about Piggy. Your daughter is talented Bengy.

It's a nice sort of idea... I'm not sure if it is materially going to be very decisive... but it is a nice venture and token of support!

Wishing little piggy well with her travels @bengy!

Yep... it is a dangerous world for a piggy travelling alone!

Don't have a clue about piggy or how to participate, but I've upvoted this post @bengy, hope it helps get piggy on its way once more.

I hope so as well... I'm curious to know where he is now... I will check in with the Bitcointalk thread again!

Scott and I did something like that with Parker the State Bear Ranger. It was so fun seeing what state and national parks he turned up in.

Haha... hopefully nowhere too rude!

Omg a travel g pig does he do the inburgering aswell?

Nee, hij hoeft niet omdat hij wil niet in Nederland wonen!

Your daughter's drawings are really cute! It looks like the piggy is finding some interesting places for selfies during its travels!

Yeah... I"m getting pretty damn jeaulous!

Miss Piggy looking good in different places, more amazing is the lovely comic strip pictures by your daughter, so the piggy still travels quietly being enjoyed.

The comic was done by the previous holder of the piggy... my daughter did the drawings! A little less great... but it is really nice that everyone is adding a little something with each stop!

Nice everyone is adding a personal touch.

This is such a creative initiative. I did not know bout this. Thanks to everyone involved. I have to read more about it. If the recepient is my country I'd like to know who would manage that donation and what they plan to do with it. It sounds great.
Lovely drawings by your daughter. Very talented and funny

I can't remember the exact details of the distribution... but it was spelled out (or at least the idea was floated...) in the original post (I linked to it in the main post).

Loved this informative post @bengy! I had never heard of this initiative, prior to reading it. Got a smile out of me on this ...

"... so, I beat the Brexit closure of the border!"

... as being an uhhhh ... "foreigner," we find what we hear about this in the news amusing ... 😉

Great shots of what this precious little piggie has seen in his (her?) travels. I hope he (she?) does not get lost, but arrives safely and pleasingly plumply (is that a word? 😉) at his (her?) final destination and bestows a much needed boost to those who receive it in that oppressed part of our world.

I hope you are having a great day (night?) "over there!" 👍

Ha... I'm also not on the British Isles... so, I'm watching with more than a little bit of bemusement! It's amazing where the piggy has managed to get to... it looks like fun!

Love this @bengy, your daughters are too cute! I'm anxious to hear how much is raised with the little guy. Apparently he is quite the traveler :)

He really is a big traveller... It is making me more than a little bit jealous!

Now that's pretty neat. I haven't heard of piggy before, but I do like the idea. That's a well travelled pig!

Well travelled indeed... I think he is getting around much more than I manage!

It's a piggy kinda world today @bengy 👍😁


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Haha... piggy it is!

Love the visiting distant relatives pix!

Haha... very very distant!

Ooo.. This is a really cute piggy..
Just cute and adorable :)

It is a really cute and blockchain sort of take on the original piggy bank idea!

The drawings are adorable! Safe travels to DigiPiglet!

Thanks! I hope that the piggy gets much further and onto the right place!

Thanks! I hope that the
Piggy gets much further and
Onto the right place!

                 - bengy

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Seems this little piggy went to market my friend Lol.
Lovely drawings here.

He is going everywhere!

Great and happy my friend!

This is a great initiative. Sounds like the Steem Torch one in which I was a Torch bearer. Added a bit of steem and forwarded it on. Lost touch with it, but I think it's in wonderful hands as last I heard it was in the CTPTalk Tribe.

Thanks for sharing.

It is very much like the STEEM torch, and the original Bitcoin Lightning torch (the original of all the torches!). The idea that there is a chain of trust in an otherwise trustless decentralised network... it is a curious, but I wonder how much longer these things can work.

I'd never heard of this before either, go Piggy go!

Super piggy! It's getting around...

Haha! I had no idea about this piggy sir bengy, well done and very entertaining!

He's a funny and cute little guy... I hope he makes it to where he is needed!

Me too sir bengy, it's such a desperate situation down there so this is a great cause.

What a fantastic initiative! And a great way to build charity funds. I do hope it makes its way through many generous hands and to an excellent and worthwhile charity in Venezuela! I read the article linked to, @bengy. This amazes me. And the pictures of Piggy’s travels are just priceless!

hope it does make it properly to the final destination! Piggy just really gets around... I'm getting jealous!

He is a well-traveled pig! I’m jealous too. 😆

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