Another Birthday - Another 1k SP delegation to win

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By PepaLove on

My oh my, this is my third birthday on the Steem blockchain (not to be confused with my Steem birthday).

Time keeps running and now I'm 23. Luckily, I have so far managed to not get pregnant. If I can make it one more year, I've broken the family curse (great-grandmother got pregnant at 17, grandmother at 19, mom at 21).

At least I can now blame my age when people don't like me.

When thinking about what to do as a contest for the SP delegation I thought "I want people to do something for my birthday, but that's selfish".

But seriously? Why the fuck not. It's my STEEM POWER and nobody has to participate.

So here are ...

The Rules

  1. Make something for my birthday. It can be a drawing a story, a poem, a video, a photograph, a shout-out post, a donation in my name, whatever. Be creative!
  2. Post about that thing and explain how it relates to me and/or my birthday (no random images without text)
  3. Link back to my birthday post so others know why you're even doing that
  4. Drop a link to your post in the comments here or I will probably not find it
  5. There are no specific tags that you should use
  6. Only one entry per person
  7. Contest ends on the 27th of September, 23:59 GMT+1
  8. I will choose my favourite over the weekend that follows.
  9. People with more than 10 000 SP are not eligible for the delegation. If you're leasing delegation for example via DLease, that's ignored.
  10. Scammers, spammers, and abusers in general are automatically disqualified

What you win

1000 STEEM POWER of mine are yours for 2 months, then I will undelegate again.

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Lol harsh

Happy Birthday, I think I may have missed last years so belated , like really really belated Happy 22 Birthday. I know I was here on your 21st Birthday, but I did not feel like scrolling all the way back to see if I saw your 22nd one.

23 to the 24th year, long time ago for me, but very fond memories of the year. The 22nd year of your life is one I am sure you will not forget anytime to soon. Congrats and once again Happy Birthday and best wishes for the year to come, may it bee full of as many happy returns as this last year was for you.

Thank you 💚

Hi @suesa
Happy 3rd year in the blockchain, I know you will have many, but many more

Me, I can't believe someone doesn't like you, just because you're 23.
I mean the lyrics of the song.

Happy cumpelaños this is my entry I hope you like it:

Today your friends and family wish you, congratulations, congratulations @suesa

I hope you have a good time.

Looking forward to your post!

Happy birthday @suesa. You've already broken the family curse by not being pregnant so far. Way to go 👏

Now to stay not pregnant for a year 😂

Happy birthday to you @sues here are my birthday greetings thank you and # HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!

Hi @suesa Happy Birthday

Happy 3rd year in the blockchain, I know you will have many, but many more

I hope you have a good time.

Happy Birthday! :3

Thank you 😊

Happy funny cheerful positive sunny lovely wonderful great never ending and time standing still, warm godly friendly hopefully bitterly dreamy closely bohemian happy birthday to you!!!

Thank you ^__^

I'm basically asleep at this point but happy bday!

Thanks 😁

Happy Birthday suesa! :)

Didnt think Im just two years younger than you.. ^^

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Do I seem that old 😂


Adult, experienced :)

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Happy Birthday @suesa 😊
Wishing you all the best, much health and much birthday cake 😁

Oh there's going to be so much cake

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Happy Birthday @suesa wish you the best of your expectations..... I love your determination about breaking "the family curse" and i pray you do it successfully...Enjoy your day 🍰

Happy Birthday!

Thank you!

I'm lazy so I'm just gonna resteem this so people not as lazy might see it and take part. Happiest of birthdays to you and please make babies soon, the world needs more smart people to procreate!!

Oh god, no, no babies, I'm sorry xD

I'm waiting for the day that donating egg cells becomes harmless. Other people can have those.

happy pregnantless bday!

Thanks xD

Happy Birthday! I’m 40 and have successfully avoided pregnancy. Granted I am a male, but I still feel that is something of an achievement.

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I guss i'll try participating, hehheeh does lewd drawings count? Ohh well.

I'd prefer something not sexual

OK, just normal then. Thanks for the clarification