Day two: still confused and scared 🦅

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Sometimes getting used to a new place can be very difficult. Yesterday's buzzard continues to refuse food and does not want to get to know me. I think I will need time and a lot of patience. And I also have to think about a place for him. At first, I thought that, after adaptation, I will place him in the aviary along with other buzzards with a wing injury. But now I see that it will not work. He does not have both wings and he is very poorly balanced. This means that other birds can offend him. In addition, the wings help the bird to keep warm. Without wings, he can be supercooled. And another thought bothers me. Wing flaps are essential for normal lung function. I don’t know how it will be with this buzzard ...





It's up to him now to survive .... Different types of food may help him get started.

It must be hard to watch them struggle so.

He is much better today. And he started to eat

Shame - It must be a huge shock for him, but if there is someone that will win his trust it is you.

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