Binance CEO denies annoyance with Justin Sun

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A phrase without its context can totally change meaning. This is especially true in times of conflict, when heated tempers may get worse due to a misunderstanding in what is said or stopped. This seems to be what happened to Changpeng Zhao, CEO of Binance. Who claims in our Tweet of the day, that in a CoinTelegraph interview about the conflict of Justin Sun on Steem was taken out of context:



What really happened between Justin Sun and Changpeng Zhao

The purchase of Steemit by Justin Sun days ago was news. Well, the purchase of what would be the main decentralized application hosted on Steem. It provided Sun with a sufficient amount of tokens to make decisions in chain governance. Although until that moment Steemit-specific tokens had not voted on any chain decision.

This led to community members running a soft fork inside the platform, freezing the voting power of the tokens that would become the property of Justin Sun. With the aim of preventing him from taking unilateral decisions that were against the wishes of the user community.

Logically, Sun has not quietly accepted this situation, starting a Steem token acquisition campaign. As well as seeking the support of the wallets of the main cryptocurrency exchanges in order to reverse the veto established by the community on it.

And in this attempt to regain control, Sun has involved Binance, one of the main cryptoactive exchanges, whose votes he intended to use. Which led CoinTelegraph to conduct an interview with Changpeng Zhao, CEO of the exchange to learn his opinion about what happened.

However, the way in which it was reviewed by the digital media seems to have not pleased Changpeng. Well, the note written by CoinTelegraph seems to indicate that there was annoyance in the Binance CEO over Justin Sun's attempt to regain control over Steem.

Something that Changpeng in fact denies in the interview, so he has decided to upload it without editing a public drive. Avoiding thus misunderstandings by the way in which it was reviewed.

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well if truly binance were not in support of justin sun's intent then that will be nice to hear...@exe8422

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