Steem is Actively Under Attack Via Binance.

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Dear Diary,

It is day five of the Tron Occupation of Steem, and developments continue to roll out. CZ is now actively building a narrative on Twitter to justify using exchange's powered up coins to push a hardfork on the network.


No, this is not true.

And he knows it's not true.
This is propaganda in favor of the hostile takeover.


This is a precursor to a major escalation. They are getting ready to push the hardfork and may need the Binance stake to do it. This is why they haven't started a powerdown yet. They are worried the community will rally again and they won't have enough stake for the super majority.

Also, if the exchanges had started a powerdown on day one like they should have, they would have no excuses left. As soon as the first leg of the powerdown completed all those coins would be returned to investors and powered up against the coup. Once a powerdown is started, they know they politically can't stop it and also can't stop investors asking for their coins back to support the real witnesses.

Right now they are hanging by a thread. Their actions are obvious to us, but not necessarily to the rest of the world. There is a lot of plausible deniability because many people outside of Steem don't know how Steem works. We need to educate them.


This says it all:


Binance has less than a million liquid coins. This is unprecedented. The fact that they aren't trying to get more liquidity with a powerdown proves they are still actively attacking the Steem blockchain. Please join me in solidarity by sending 0.001 SBD to @binance-hot and demanding they start a powerdown. It's actually a little sad that no one has done this yet, not that it will actually get them to start a powerdown :P


Justin Sun and CZ have a very strong business relationship. If this really was a misunderstanding CZ would be outraged at Justin and his dev team for blatantly lying to him. There is no such outrage. It's very obvious that Justin Sun and CZ know exactly what the situation is. This is especially true considering a lack of powerdown by all exchanges despite being told to start one constantly by the Steem community.

Just because Biannce's stake isn't actively being used to support the coup anymore, they are still actively attacking us through inaction... inactively attacking us? Whatever. You know what I mean.


Updated evidence of premeditated escalation:


The hardfork is going to be pushed very soon. This will cause us to counter-fork to a chain where Steemit and the 3 exchange accounts are frozen. The exchange accounts will be unfrozen when they meet our demands. The ninja mine will probably be permanently deleted or we risk this happening all over again. I have no idea what will happen to the Korean split vote. There will be a lot of argument in that regard. The best thing will probably to pardon them, even though they have helped this coup "succeed".

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I'm preparing for hostile hard fork by binance/justin sun. Their excuse: 'Sorry, our hands were tied, we had to. You left us no choice.'

We will see if the latest tweet holds. CZ says they are going to start a power down.

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I can't keep up🤣

Well, on the 26th of Feb, Binance applied to the Singapore government for an operating licence. See

Drop a line to the Singapore regulators that Binance has operated illegally by hijacking customer funds - that should trigger an investigation and hopefully prevent Binance getting their licence. Then let Binance know that you have taken that step.

Wow that is serious business.

OMG they are just searching for an excuse to attack us again. I can't believe it.

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They probably think the hardfork they wrote is ready to push.

While I agree utterly with your sentiments in this matter, I ask you quit repeating misinformation regarding the origin of Steem.

"The ninja mine will probably be permanently deleted..."

All Steem was 'ninjamined' into existence. If you intend that all Steem not paid out as rewards, and thus derived from inflation rather than the original mining ops, be deleted, your statement is factually correct.

I cannot believe you mean that. I believe you mean the founder's stake, which was also mined into existence along with all other Steem. Please accurately refer to this stake in the future to prevent exacerbating confusion of less informed users as to the stake in question and the origin of Steem.


The 80% of the pre-mined coins went to Steemit Inc. This is the definition of the ninjamine. The consensus is pretty clear, and anyone who doesn't know what I'm talking about can look it up pretty easily. No one has ever expressed any confusion over the term ninjamine, not even you. What could have possibly prompted this comment?

When you propose the mining of Steem as justification for forking it off, you also threaten the stakes of other miners.

The actual reason you care about the founder's stake, besides it's sufficiency to completely control governance, is that because it was so large and had that potential to control governance, the founder's continually and repeatedly alleged it would not be used for governance, and that it was to be used for development. Until it was sold to Tron it was not used for governance, and it was used for development (however well or poorly you feel it was so used).

This is the crux of the matter, and that argument does not threaten any other stake, ninjamined or mined out of the rewards pool, because it does not apply to any other stake.

Plenty of folks off the chain, including the reporter that wrote the Coinmarketcap story featuring @lukestokes, repeat the phrase 'ninjamine' without understanding the details. We're opening a can of worms that we don't need to cope with by using that phrase, when we have a specific task we need to cope with, and may not be succeeding at.

Really, that's why. We're highly in the public eye at present, and the term ninjamine triggers folks that form opinions regarding Steem as a result. The problem isn't that Steem was mined, or even that the founder's got most of it. It's that Tron is claiming he isn't bound by the representations of the founders that it wouldn't be used for governance, and would be used for development. If we stick to that, we'll make our case clearly, without raising unnecessary complexity and possible negative associations with all Steem.

Fuck :/ thid is #1 issue now, hope we can win the pr war.

I think the problem is solved.

Is this powerdown a surrender? Or just some time buying...

My feeling is that CZ is stepping down from the fray.

Wow, that would cause some turmoil