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RE: Bilpcoin rules

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Turn off bilpcoinpower from voting on my comments or my downvotes will get larger. Please leave the reggaesteem community alone.

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Please do not downvote any of my friends and team members again we set up 50 new accounts in case this happens again in the future and next time it won't be upvotes so please stay away

Please don't comment on ReggaeSteem, please don't upvote comments users make there and turn off your bots that are doing it. I really don't care who you know because you are a racist POS.

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So yes, if you really want me to be spreading tweets of yours like this around the blockchain to your 50 friends and team members go ahead. Let them judge, what you said is not cool. You have been banned. Leave us alone or I will continue to post this. Most people realize what you said is not cool. You were banned for a reason.

Please keep your hate away.

My boss is actually from Jamaica originally and I'm black myself we can talk face to face if you want so I can prove it I'm contacting my boss now to sort out this situation at least we know what the problem is now

There isn't really anything to talk about, I don't want to fight. You (@bilpcoin) said an owner of ReggaeSteem was abusive towards you and I am just pointing out why they were upset. It was because of this response to a tweet that had nothing to do with @bilpcoin and was just about tourism.

ReggaeSteem is about music, tourism, and culture. We don't want trolling, fighting or anything. Certainly don't want to get into discussions about race and would rather keep it to the reggae. Spam comment upvoting after this discussion is inappropriate and provocative.

Please just turn off the micro upvotes on our comments and if people want to tag Bilpcoin and ReggaeSteem in the same post, who really cares as long as it is appropriate. I certainly won't be tagging Bilpcoin.