17 HOURS Of STUDYING! Daily Routine Of South Korean Students Is TOO MUCH!


How many hours do you study per day? 3 hours? 6 hours? Nobody studies more than 7 hours don't lie. Even I don't study for hours. But will you believe me if you tell you that South Korean high school students study 17 hours A DAY! 

Hello guys! Today I will tell you the daily routine of South Korean high school students! So without going further why don't we just find out the routine.


  • The students wake up at 06:30 AM in the morning because the school starts at 08:00 AM (just like my school). But wait! The students take a nap in the first period! The class teacher will not say anything because there's a rule in South Korea that if a student is sleeping don't wake up the student because it is NOT ALLOWED. Now you must be wondering why is that so? Once you see the whole daily routine of the students you will say 'let them sleep'. 😅
  • The school ends at 4 or maybe 4:30 PM. But the students don't go home after school. So where do the students go actually? The students go to a school library. Because it's YAJA time. What is "Yaja time"? It's a mandatory after school session that Korean high school students have to attend. It starts after school and it goes on to as late as 10 PM and 12 AM ~ Dana
  • Their parents force their kids to go to the library after school. Because their parents think that if their kids will go home they will play video games instead of studying. 
  • From 4 PM to 7 PM students do self-study at the library. At 7 PM a bell ring. What bell? It is the dinner time bell. The students get FREE DINNER. At 8 PM the students continue their self-study in the library. 8 PM to 10 PM. Because at 10 PM the bell rings again. Now you are wondering what bell??? Haha, it's GO bell. But not home. 
  • Before we see where they go? Don't you want to know why do they study so much? The reason is the 'Suneung Exam' College entrance exam. More than 600,000 students sitting at Korea's college entrance exam. This is the most important exam in South Korea. Even an airplane doesn't fly that day. Even the police officers prepared themselves to pick up the students who are walking slowly so they drop them at the exam.
  • The exam is about 8 hours. 
  • So where were we? Yeah at 10 PM the students go to the Hagwon School 'Cram School' The Hagwon schools are very popular in South Korea. Their teachers look like a celebrity! 
  • After the exam, hundreds of high school seniors tore up textbooks into pieces and threw the scraps off buildings to relieve stress. 
  • The strange thing is when they pass the exam their parents give them money to get plastic surgery. Because in South Korea good looking people get hired not talented. That problem got so increased that Korea's president wants to ban photos, and questions about your parents, in job applications. 
  • Now the interviews in South Korea are blind interviews just like blind dates. Without seeing the candidate face. 

Moral of the story

No matter how educated you are, people will still care about how you LOOK. 


You should know you're beautiful just the way you are. And you don't have to change a thing the world could change its heart
No scars to your beautiful We're stars and we're beautiful.

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