Bilpcoin meme Constest win 500 BPC token's

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Its contest time one of #bilpcoin family posted a meme today and it gave us a good idea,and we have decided to run a meme contest and we want the whole community to get involved in this (NO blacklisted users on any blacklist can get involved )
To get involved in this it's so easy just make a post with a meme mentioning bilpcoin and send the post link to make it easier for us to find all entries will get a upvote the winner will be announced this time next week I little a bonus the first 10 people to upvote and resteem this post will get a 10 BPC upvote let's go get sharing


Bilpcoin tribe site

Tribe token BPC


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Thank you so much @steem-bounty and congratulation to all the winners.

@bilpcoin, interesting, another great way to interact with the community.
The first giveaway also had a great success -- free BPC to stake.
also I think this one also gonna be great...

just being curious that what if i just post the entries in comments will be thy included...?

Thank you. To enter you must make a post and share link on this post

Greetings! @bilpcoin I am interested and here is my entry;
Thank you for the opportunity to join your meme contest.

Thank you for entering @chrismadcboy

Most welcome @bilpcoin bilpcoin to the MOON!

Yes we are on the right path

Looking forward bilpcion impact

Upvoted and resteemed, will get my meme on soon soon. I take it the contest is limited to original memes?

Got my meme on you an find it here:

Original only please

Awesome just posted my entry. Love meme. Competitions!!

New one just posted

awesome! I saw! Will get on it soon, soon!


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Thank you it was your post that gave us the idea

I upvoted and resteemed your post, @bilpcoin. Thank you for the contest, and here is my entry:

Thank you for entering

Glad to. This was fun :)

Thank you for taking part

Resteemed and upvoted

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Thank you

@bilpcoin, Can i share MEME in comment section or i have to create a post specifically?

Thank you.

Create a post please

👍 👍

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