Big Brother Season 22 September 30th Recap and Thoughts


As we ease into the triple eviction tomorrow night, we still have a veto before things can be kicked off.

DAVID! How bad can a person be at this game? Honestly if I'm in the house that is the person I want to be sitting beside because there is no possible way he could ever beat anyone. Why on earth did he take the $10,000 in the veto? He's on the block, his game is on the line, biggest veto of the season and he takes a prize over saving himself. I won't feel bad if he goes home tomorrow but honestly I'm just shocked about his move tonight.

Alright back to that veto, it's a BB classic, it's OTEV! Well I already touched on David's veto gaffe but there were a few other highlights as well. Kevin whiffing in his race against Cody, likely sealing his fate for tomorrow night. Nicole being at the top of the slide and then pulling a Nicole by pouting then letting go. And finally Cody pulling out the victory after being last three different times and having other people make huge mistakes. That's a freebee comp win for Cody.

So Cody is HOH, Cody has the veto and after David's $10,000 decision, the nominations stay the same.