Big Brother Season 22 October 8th Eviction Recap and Thoughts

in #bigbrother2 months ago

It's eviction night on Big Brother. Tyler and Christmas sit on the block and one of them is about to go to the jury house.

First off, the visit to the jury house felt very forced and unnecessary. It's a bunch of clips of the houseguests being bad at acting and them rehashing a bunch of information that we already knew. I would much rather see more gameplay in the house than whatever that garbage was.

OK back to the actual game. I think we all knew Tyler was going home but I really don't think that was the best play for Cody and Enzo. Christmas is in tight with Memphis and instead of keeping someone who could aid your game, you kept someone who is going to aid someone else. On top of that I think Christmas has a good shot at winning the HOH and Cody could be headed straight to the block.

Another HOH cliffhanger so we won't find out who wins until next Monday, that feels so far away!