Big Brother Season 22 October 5th Recap and Thoughts


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Tonight we see the aftermath of the triple eviction and the new battle lines that are forming within the house. Don't expect the unexpected.

It was interesting seeing the behind the scenes from the triple eviction and watch as Tyler and Christmas flushed any chance they had of winning right down the toilet. They got played by Enzo. Seeing everything, Enzo definitely did the best move for his game and pretty much guaranteed himself making the final four. As someone cheering for Tyler, it was painful to relive everything all over again.

Alright, HOH time. Aside from Christmas, anyone winning the HOH pretty much has no choice but to put up Christmas and Tyler. Sure enough Cody wins and plops the pair on the block. Expect the expected. Cody is in a very nice position right now and has a final two deal with three of the player that are going to be part of the top five.

I was disappointed to see Tyler and Christmas immediately throw each other under the bus once their backs were against the wall. Really it would have been very easy for them to say that Enzo said he was going to vote out Nicole, so they did too. At least get your lies straight instead of making it blatantly obvious that you got caught. Oh well I guess we get another two boring weeks as we wait for Tyler and Christmas to get evicted.

This has been a very frustrating season and at this point we just need to fast forward to the end.