Big Brother Season 22 October 22nd Recap and Thoughts

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Cody casts the sole vote to evict as we head into the final three. The season finale is on Wednesday so only a few days left before we crown a winner.

Christmas made a last ditch effort to sway Cody to take her to the final three but her pitch was just too little, too late. Cody sends Christmas packing to cement the final three of Cody, Enzo and Nicole.

No surprises here but one interesting thing is that Enzo should be guaranteed into the final two now. I just can't see any reason Cody would take Nicole over Enzo and also no good reason why Nicole would choose Cody over Enzo. You gotta give yourself the best chance to win and I think that puts Enzo in a very nice position.

Bonus episode tomorrow night, most likely a season recap but we will have to see. Past that we have another episode on Monday and the two hour finale on Wednesday.