Big Brother Season 22 October 1st Recap and Thoughts - Triple Eviction


I knew it was a possibility but how did it take three evictions in one night before something interesting happened? What should have been an amazing night pulled a BB22 on us and went the most predictable route possible.

First up we all knew Kevin was headed out the door and lets be honest he has been hanging on for dear life since the start of the season. I think he was on the block 5 times this season and I honestly don't know how he survived this long. I think he'll be much happier in the jury house than getting pushing around by the committee.

Once we got into the second eviction I was really hopeful that we'd see some gameplay start to happen. Oh boy was I ever wrong. Memphis wins HOH, nominates Kevin and Nicole. Christmas wins veto, leaves noms the same and I'm thinking we are about to say goodbye to Nicole, wrong. Tyler and Christmas vote to evict Nicole but Enzo, Cody and Dani swing the vote back against David. The seven people that have been controlling the entire game all survive to the final seven.

I got a bit of a bone to pick with Enzo, he's been talking this big game all season long but any time he's been poised to make a move he always backs down. His HOH reign was pathetic and backing down from taking out Nicole was also pathetic. While I do think Enzo is positioned very well to make it to the end of the game, he confirmed tonight that he is nothing more than just another sheep this season.

Alright top 7 and finally we have no choice but to see a big name head out the door. I've been rooting for Tyler this season so when I saw him win the HOH I was pretty damn happy. He nominates Nicole and Dani, then we get to watch Dani immediately throw eher entire game into the dumpster before she heads her ass to the jury house. Good riddance. She played a very poor social game this season and only survived this long because she was part of the right alliance at the start of the game. On top of that she makes herself look like a total hypocrite by trying to out Tyler and Christmas as a final two alliance after lambasting Kaysar for doing the same thing earlier in the year. If she thinks Kaysar is classless, I guess that means she is classless as well.

Final six and we might finally get to see a bit of Big Brother this season.