Big Brother Season 22 October 19th Recap and Thoughts

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It's time for the final four HOH, winner will secure their spot in the final three.

Really the only thing that matter tonight is the safety given to the HOH winner. The nominations don't matter and the behind the scenes posturing doesn't matter. Winner advances to the final three and then we wait on the POV to see who takes home the real power for the week.

The HOH competition was a strange one. We saw Cody doing everything in his power to eliminate Christmas, while Enzo just kind of hung out and took home the victory. As much as it was bad for Cody if Christmas to win, it was just as bad throwing away a chance at safety for the week. It's just too late in the game to be making sacrifices and now Cody is in a rough position headed into the veto. Chances are good Enzo is going to throw the veto. And chances are also good that Christmas and Nicole would both take a shot at Cody if they win that veto. It's going to be a very interesting veto on Wednesday!