Big Brother Season 22 October 15th Recap and Thoughts


Eviction night on Big Brother and for the first time this season I don't know who's going to go home.

It only took until the final 5 for an interesting eviction. I'm sure every season is like this right? Well I'm pretty impressed that anyone is still watching this season and honestly if I wasn't doing these reviews, I probably would have checked out myself as well.

I think you could have made a solid argument to keep both players around tonight. Memphis is a threat to win the entire season but helps Cody and Enzo have a better chance at making it to final 3. Christmas could spoil Cody and Enzo making it to finale night but would be easier to beat on finale night. Ultimately Cody and Enzo decide to go for the win this season and keep Christmas in the game.

This is a weird week coming up. HOH doesn't have much power but winning it does secure your spot in the final 3. The POV on the other hand is where the real power is because whoever wins it gets to be the lone vote that sends someone home. Our two comp winners will be safe and the POV winner will decide who that third person going into the final week will be.