Big Brother Season 22 October 14th Episode Recap and Thoughts

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Veto night, Memphis and Christmas will be fighting with their games on the line.

Well I definitely didn't think we'd have a week where Nicole won both the HOH and POV but it's season 22 and this is the most season 22 thing that could happen. I was shocked to see her win even one competition and now we are on the brink of Nicole closing out the season as a comp beast.

I think Nicole really missed an opportunity to take a big shot by not using the veto and going for a backdoor. I totally understand her reluctance to take a shot but I think the only way she has a chance to win is sitting beside Christmas. Letting her stay on the block and potentially go home could end any chance Nicole has at winning.

I honestly don't know who is going to go home tomorrow so for the first time this season I'm actually looking forward to seeing the eviction results. Could the season finally go off script for the first time?