Big Brother Season 22 October 12th Recap and Thoughts

in #bigbrother2 months ago

This episode felt almost entirely like filler which is very bizarre considering how close we are to the end of the season.

First off we had a very long HOH competition. That was about half the episode just to crown the next HOH. There was a bit of drama towards the end, which was interesting but, ultimately it would have been just as enjoyable to see a 30 second quiz, crown the HOH and move back into the game.

After Nicole was crowned as the HOH, we then had a very long drawn out scene of getting to see her HOH room. This was very strange for me since we haven't seen this happen very much this season, I honestly can't remember even one other time this season when we heard the HOH read their letter from home. Very bizarre to me that Nicole wins and suddenly we get a giant spotlight of her HOH. Obviously production loves her and if they could crown a winner I'm sure they would select her.

From here we saw a few quick game conversation and then boom we had Memphis and Christmas nominated and the episode was over. I'm starting to think that production is more to blame for this bad season than the contestants.

Oh well guess we now just have to wait until Wednesday where we will get to watch another 30 minute long competition.,..