Bettingpool - Todays Update

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It was no one leaving a comment last post. SO I am a dictator and make my own decission.

As you see has the odds droped from 2,7 to 2,5 but I will take it anyway.
Good luck to us all.

@zkalemiss 10%
@chekohler 10%
@bitandi 10%
@monsterbuster 10%
@minhaz007 10%
@minimining ME 45 %
@no-advice 5%

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I'll go with Watford, Southampton have been rubbish of late

to late to guess. But anyway- we think the same.
Just wish us luck.

Good luck, lets hope we picked right this week :)

obiosly not. Thanks for the tip. I see it now.
Well- only a dollar left to next week.