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If you want to join? Just tell me in the comment.

About the pool
In the beginning of May I bet 2usd in some fotballresult. Same day I said here at Hive "Comment and we split the pot". I won total 25USD. But instead of giving out the money - we go for a bigger pool. Be together - Bet together.

I will publish a post about a match. All people that has joined this bettingpool can comment what result they think it will be. 2 hours before matchstart I will make the bet - depend of what you think.

I will never bet more than 20 % of the pot. But always a minimum of 3 USD.

The rules can be change a litte - I want to learn and make good rule for all. So if you have a suggestion - tell me.

You can ALWAYS cash out and I pay in crypto to you. Steem, Hive, BTC or something else common. Some doggiecoin maybe?

Will also have contest every round. Like "Best guess get a Steemmonstercard"
Vote up us
If a blogpost get more than 1,0 in upvote - I put 0,5 to the pool

Money just now
33,5 USD
Last match won 1,5USD

All history
Will show next rount

@zkalemiss 10%
@chekohler 10%
@bitandi 10%
@monsterbuster 10%
@minhaz007 10%
@minimining ME 45 %
@no-advice 5%

Be in it - Or cash out before...

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This is why I only send minishark money if I send minimining he goes out and gambles with it

YES ! Send more to him. up to 18 years old I am responsible for his money due swedish law.

Still thinking how to solve this money problem.... :-)