Behind The Photo - My Unplanned Lily Capture

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I was Just wandering on my roof, Where I have a small garden like set up. I planted some flower plant and growing vegetable there too. While Watering, I just Saw this nice Flower. I didn't even plant it. It just grows automatically. It's a Flower of Lily Family but I don't know what specifically called it. Would You guys help me to identify the name of the flower?

The Behind story ! There is nothing to be honest. It's an unplanned capture. I just saw the flower and feel I should click it and all of a sudden I captured it on my iPhone. No adjustment nothing.



Tags: behindthephoto india photography appreciator contest creativecoin neoxian palnet smartphone

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Thank you so much for taking part in our contest and for telling us the story behind your photo :)

Thanks for your entry @mkhota, and best of luck in the contest!

Hi @mkhota. Would you please be so kind as to put the link to the original contest post, in your post?

Okay Sure