On a cloudy day: a "Behind The Photo" story!

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As you may recall, I spent the first week of the year in Nafplion, one of the most beautiful Greek towns. I have already posted a couple of times about this trip but there are hundreds more, unedited pictures so they'll keep coming for a while!
Today I want to talk to you about this particular view of the town, from the fortress of Palamidi. I will probably make a separate post for the fortress itself but for now I can tell you that it is very well preserved and it has spectacular view!


I visited it on a very gloomy day but I don't regret it a bit. I mean a sunny day is safe for taking pictures but very predictable. On the other hand the clouds keep changing the scenery and they can lead to amazing or awful light and there is no way to tell in advance but that day I think that Lady Luck was smiling at me!


The second shot was the one that intrigued me and made me spend quite some time on the spot. It is taken with a 16mm lens, the wider that I have but I wanted an even wider view so I tried out a few panoramas, like the ones below.




One frame out the many that I took for stitching turned out pretty nice by itself!


I have to admit though, that some editing was essential for the final look of the pictures. Nothing too much, although you might think differently looking at the print screens below. Once I changed the white balance to "Cloudy" and masked the over-burned sky, it was almost ready!



The irony is that after all the time I devoted to one single spot, I like best the first picture of the post which I took instantaneous on my way out :)

This is also my entry for the 6th edition of the Behind The Photo contest, there is plenty of time if you want to join too!

All the pictures and the words are mine.

Thank you for reading and if you want to know more about me you can check out my introduction post.

Commenting, upvoting and resteeming are highly appreciated!

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Thank you, much appreciated!

Great shots. I agree with you, clouds and overcast sky can be much more exiting than a blue sky. It is fun when the luck is with you and you got shadows and contrast in the picture. You know what I mean 😊

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Oh, yes! The day after was a bright sunshine but I was so happy with my cloudy shots that I never thought to go up-there again!
Thank you for stopping by :)

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sometimes we love something not for it is great -- but just for it looks different to the great stuff, that we used to see everyday :P

Thats true, sometimes we are blind to the stuff that daily surround's us.


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You know very well that 80% in photography is composition. The first one (that I also like the most out of these) has the diagonal of the wall tumbling down and right through the shot, bringing depth and creating the “layer stack” effect.

I also try panormas (with all sorts of devices, I don’t usually use the DSLR for this) but I’ve come to reason with the idea that “yeah, they’re nice and wide” but they’re like the SD card vs. film photography. The latter still survives (and will most probably survive for some time in the future) because it forces our brains to squeeze the composition, economically speaking. When u are limited to only “that much” then creativity and positioning are primordial...

PS. Would love to get a sabatical year and roam Greece. Sometimes I consider myself an idiot being so close and only scratching the surface with Thessaloniki (like I did last November) instead of diving deep inside, towards Pelopones and southern Greece.

Yes you are right. After all photography is about limitations. Limiting the three dimensional world, in a given two dimensional frame and no matter what tricks we pull, this doesn't change!

A year roaming around Greece! That's a dream for me too. Fortunately I was working for a travel magazine for 3 years so I have a pretty good overview of the country but it's not the same. Loved to do a long road trip through the Balkans too!

Oh wow.. so much drama! Love the colours of the clouds and the smooth water.

Oh yes, the water was just magic!
Thank you for stopping by, @ewkaw :)

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Thanks a lot :)

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the clouds keep changing the scenery and they can lead to amazing or awful light and there is no way to tell in advance

good observations here. I came across the same feelings (quite extreme feelings, I should say!) when I shoot mushrooms at a sunny but cloudy and windy day. the trees shade - given the sun, clouds and wind do their job - provide constantly changing lighting environment. and since I love to take macros in fully manual mode... the results are always a very black box - surprising!

I am amused at the editing you provided to the session. nice post, I should say, and good results... I loved the final image you chose to work on, but - funny thing -- I'd rather go with original capture. when I improve pictures I try to get more light and crystal contrast of colours, then dark and misty/dirty/drafa effect. if there was no clear indication, I'd assume the edited version was original capture, hehe


Yes, I know what you mean, the weather can be very frustrating sometimes!
As for the editing I tend to let my mood interfere :)

Thank you @fotostef for your entry, good luck in the contest!

Thank you for hosting :)

This is too beautiful friend @fotostef. This has no comparison I was enthralled, what a beauty. Too much professionalism.

Thanks a lot @lisfabian, I am glad you like it :)