Hanged Leaf - Behind The Photo & Autumn Ends

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I took and post-processed myself the entire set of photos.
WARNING: all the images in this post are copyright-protected.

Hello Steemians!

Today I will continue in my initiative, the #autumnends contest. If you would like to know more about, look at the bottom of the article. But, one moment: with my post I join in the #behindthephoto contest. Behind the Photo is a photography competition launched by @nelyp and @johan.norberg that reached the 2nd edition.

This Time I will utilize a photo I took in the last months. It was a good day to walk in the wood, so I decided to take my scooter and go above Castelpoggio. After the village, I started a descent road and I stopped in the first kilometers. It was morning, not so early.

I walked along the road and I found a little passage to climb into the woods. I used the word climb not in a random time: the zone was a classical mountain area and the wood extended over sloping ground.

After a long time, I started a path and I followed it for many minutes. And...incredible, I saw this.


A leaf hung in midair. As I approached, I noticed a very thin thread woven by a spider that allowed it to remain still. The only exception was caused by the wind: when it blew, the leaf slowly turned on itself.

I decided to photograph this particular subject with my smartphone and share it later. I never expected to find something like that. Cobwebs yes, leaves too. But a leaf suspended in the middle of the path, on a background illuminated in the right place; really a pleasant surprise.

More photos? Not this time! So, I would like to watch you what I usually do with my photo: create multiple covers on its basis.

The first cover I created this time is a common black and white. Not too accentuated but not too little.


The second step of my process is another black and white cover, this time more accentuated. I added simple adjustment levels to contrast more the entire image, reaching a middle point between the basic black and white and a low-key effect. Then I increased the lights and obtained the final result.


The third step: this period of the year is the transition to the winter season, in my zones. So, I created a theme-effect that could be the representative of this crossing. I called this Snow Effect.


For my #behindthephoto contest is all. I hope you enjoy my post.

To the next!

Last Days I was thinking about my next post. Remain 5 days before the Winter coming, so I decided to share my last pictures with an autumn-centrally subject. But I said my self, why don't create a simple contest?


These days I will share some shots, as I said, the lasts of the autumn. So, I'll share them under the tag #autumnends. I invite you to do the same following some simple rules.


1. Create a post with your autumn-centrally subject photo and share it under the tag #autumnends

2. In the title, mention Autumn Ends (as I did in my post)

3. The first photo of the article will be the valid photo for the contest.

4. The contest started 2 days ago and will finish with my last post, in 4 days. Every day I will publish a post with one or more images under the tag #autumnends, repeating the rules.

- I will choose some images - at the moment set at 10 - and the authors will be the finalists. I'll publish a post with all them and I will choose a single winner to which I'll award the prize.


3 STEEM for the winner and 1 DERANGED.COIN each finalist.

All clear? Good. If you have any questions, write in the comment section.

I am waiting for you. Follow the rules and Join the contest!

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good result. I love it.

Many thanks, I enjoy 🙂

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Hi @davidesimoncini.
Very nice to see your entry, but you have not included a link to the contest post. Could you be so kind to do so? (Add it wherever you want.)

Yes, thank you. I do it immediately 🙂

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I think you misunderstand. :-)
In your entry post (this post above), you need to include a link to the contest (this link here). You have included the tag, which is good, but you have not included the link.

Well, I understand. In the evening I'll edit my post. Thanks and excuse me for the forgetfulness.

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I added a link in the "Behind the Photo" words. Now it should be ok.

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Thanks! :-)

Thanks to you 🙂

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Thank you so much for taking part in our contest! And for telling us the story behind your photo.

We wish you the best of luck in the contest :)

Thank you very much 🙂

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