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I have been live streaming my bee home for about a week now. Though due to stability issues I had to migrate from VIMM to 3speak and now posting on the Hive blockchain. A new link is below for the stream. The Bees are busy working from sunrise to sunset. On colder days they are less active, also on rainy days they tend to hide inside the bee boards and other places and do not go out much. Luckily we should have a string of warm days until next week so there should be alot of activity. A microphone is also set up inside to hear the buzzing sounds of the bees working in their homes and approaching as they fly up to the bee cubby.

New webcam link:


While outside checking out my webcam I saw a Bee on the ground, from the size of it I think its a male. It was resting and did not seem to mind me until I got too close to it.


I found this Bee just sitting on the ground, in the sunlight. As I got closer to it the Bee fled to another location. I noticed its blueish color to it and made me curious about what kind it is.


The males have been out for about a month now, breeding with the females. They wont live much longer as they do not build homes like the females do. Though another generation is on the way, of both males and females. I delayed releasing all the bees at once.


When the Bees first started checking out homes to build. They focused on the vertical planters I had around. I did not see them have much interest in my bee boards. I had a small structure that held bee boards inside and placed it on a chair to wheel it around. I moved the bee house close to the two vertical planters they were all focused on. And in a few hours they started checking out the bee boards inside the house on wheels. Then a few days later they started checking out the bee boards that are in the large cubby box I made. Which is now what can be seen on the Solitary Bee cam on 3speak.


Along with all of the pollination happening, there is alot of mating going on. A few days ago I posted a Bee threeway.. haha

I released the remainder of the cocoons I had in my refrigerator. In late March, theres a good chance that the freezes are over where I live. I cleaned out the empty bee cocoons that hatched a few weeks ago and placed the refrigerated cocoons in the trays for them to emerge. In a few weeks I should see some sign of them. And in a month or so they should be busy building homes just like their earlier generation before them.

I have been taking pictures of them with my GH3 but have not had a chance to process them yet. Hopefully I got some good ones. And its funny, when Im taking pictures at the opening of the bee house on wheels. I see the curious Bees hang outside waiting for me to move my big head out of their way from entering the bee house to get to their bee boards. Hehe.. they have not stung me, just curious and overall aloof of me around them.

Addresses below to help me buy better camera equipment and support me to travel to locations to do photo and video and overall great blogs in new places. I would be happy to list some of the contributors in my posts for donations that help me along the way.


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Cool webcam.. no bees will keep a check... Nice job with digital clock that lets you know all is working...🎈✔

Ah if it was in the morning they are not as active as they are towards the afternoon and evening.

Glad you liked it, thanks for the idea.