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RE: Today we start week 128 of #BeerSaturday

in #beersaturday2 years ago

I already had my beer. I hope I can still share it. Happy day to all. 💕

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sure - I was damn late this week.

Had to work on this Saturday and a few hours of driving around

But now a !BEER at home

@detlev I already thought you gave up on it. Well, I am happy I can join and we all have a life so no problem to me. I wish you a relaxed Sunday. ❤️

Noooo, it is only a matter of time as I always this post manual and not yet automated on a Tuesday - how it should be.

@detlev The contests usually starts on Tuesday? At first I thought Saturday's but saw in most cases it was Friday, at least my Friday. I keep an eye on it. I post manual too. It is better to check out plus I can change things in the last minute. Happy week. 💕

Yes, this gives everybody some more time to post. I guess we changed this around week 40 or so. Means quite a while.

Hey @wakeupkitty, here is a little bit of BEER from @detlev for you. Enjoy it!

@beerlover Thank you for the delivery. ❤️