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One doesn't normally associate beer with books, not saying beer drinkers aren't intelligent or don't read. It's just that the atmosphere for the two are quite the opposite, if you know what I mean. No, you don't? Never mind.

Anyway, I was in this cafe with my wife the other week for a coffee break, and I saw they had beer on the menu. This is actually not that uncommon here. I've been to quite a few cafes that serve beer. Only that this cafe sells a lot of books as well, making the contrast greater.

There was one beer on the menu that caught my eye. It was lychee beer. Lychee is a tropical fruit, larger than a cheery, red on the outside, with white meat inside. If you've never seen a fresh one before, you might have had tinned ones at Chinese restaurant as a dessert. I have to tell you, those taste nothing like the fresh ones. Anyway, fresh lychees have a really nice fragrance, I was interested to see what the beer taste like.

This is a craft beer, as are most of the beer sold in cafes here. The brewery is North Taiwan Brewing, not one that I've come across before. The label is rather erh... feminine, that might give a hint of the taste.


The beer comes in a standard 330m tall brown bottle, and has 5% alcohol content. All pretty standard stuff. There's a picture of the fruit on the back, which isn't exactly an accurate representation of the fruit. Their lychee looks more like a cherry, and lychee leave aren't as sharp and thin like these. I don't mean to sound mannish, but the entire bottle does scream "Girl's, come and have a drink!" I was half tempted to swap it with my wife's coffee, but she doesn't drink during the day.


The colour of the beer is golden brown, and was quite cloudy. It could easily pass off as an apple juice. And for the taste, you know what? It tasted like cider!!!

Actually, this wasn't a half bad beer. The girl on the bottle label had a lovely smile ^_^


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Yes, this is the problem with some of the fruit beers, they tend to taste like cider!!
Nice post.

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